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  • Age: 56
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Oxford, Pennsylvania
    United States
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Nice Toys
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thanks for all the great comments and congrats on the New Challenger that should be a fun car !!!
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cool garage
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oooooh. *likes*
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Great looking garage, always had a soft-spot growing up in the 60's for those "highway cruisers"! Keep up the passion and the great work.
aussiecougar68’s Profile Photo

hey what a great looking chevy you've got!! Keep up the great work. The ideal cruise machine!!! I'd cruise with you any day.wink image
camaroking’s Profile Photo

hello i whery nice car you have.And cool garage
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Hey! Thanks for the comment. Nice BeL Air!
Price is right !!
You should have no problem selling at that price.
pattywagon’s Profile Photo

Really nice garage.
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wassup fellow PA buddy
CHIEFJAS’s Profile Photo

Looking GOOD!
We have a '67 4door Imp that my 13 year old son can't wait to drive.
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Very nice 'pala. Had 1 years ago but it was a drop top 283 w a powerglide. Man i miss that 1...
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Great photos. Watch the rear on that dodge of yours. My 2003 had gone through 3 pinion seals before the catastrophic failure. The water pump, power steering hose, master cylinder, front rotors due to the acceptable level of brake pedal travel! long story short, I enjoy my new Honda Ridgeline very much!
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I'll comment here that I have a Chevy just like the blue Bel Air, identical, 2 door also. It is auto trans, but no a/c, power steering or brakes. So under the hood is lots of room.
I love that car and get a lot of people stopping me to ask about it. Only has about 42,000 miles on it, a garage baby. My Dad walked to work, Mom never drove and I never used it for work either, so that kept mileage low.
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Nice Ride!!
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Love the Bel Air, my grandfather had a similar car when I was a kid -- his was a 4-door though. Thanks for the add and glad you got your story.
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I also enjoy a big chevy! Nice Impala. I was into the chevys myself. I have owned a 66 chevelle, 70 nova, and a 74 vega.
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Hey thanks! I really love this car. I've actually got a new set of wheels on it now. Thanks again for the comment!
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