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  • Age: 42
  • Gender: M
  • Address: NY, Bayside
    United States
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Love that Marauder! They sounded wicked straight from the factory so it must sound awesome with the cherry bombs. Post a video so we can all hear and enjoy!
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sorry same thing twice =p
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your marauder is awesome, you pretty much feel like you own the road when you drive one of these.302 hp or pure american muscle!
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wow..lol marauders are the best cars ever made. you pretty much own the road when you drive one of those!
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I'm going to be doing stage 3 heads, cam, injectors, ported exst manifolds, raised top, blower pulley, Chip/ dyno tune and some MT drag radials..... wink image and after that, if yous till beat me, theres not really much else i can do !
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I got them balogna skin tires on haha .. But we'll see come spring time.. I got big plans for this winter... So once spring time comes and its racin time again, we will have our rematch hah.. just make sure youd ont do any more mods... I need a victory to feel betetr about myself !
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Nice looking Marauder.
I was looking for either a Marauder or SS, test drove one and liked it, but it was the first year and decided to go with the Impala, and the LT-1's got some nice backing from companies for mods
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