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  • Age: 34
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  • Address: Tampa, Florida
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manny4’s Profile Photo

Hey whats up man its been awhile. But definately come check out my stand and my vic!
GStam66’s Profile Photo

Thanks man, and you have a quite an awesome collection of stangs! haha I wish i had one from each generation.
TheKidZAreAlright’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the props on my Z.
I like all clean performance cars, and you seem to have similar tastes.
Congrats on hitting 12s!
jays07tgstang’s Profile Photo

Thanks man sure do.
jays07tgstang’s Profile Photo

Well thank you. Sure do. back bumber front spoiler few things under the hood, and possibility a few mods in the interior.
wicked_wendy’s Profile Photo

thanks! yours is purty too! yeah, i am part of the stang gang... have i ever seen you out? i think i would have remembered your stang...
ARMYCOUPE’s Profile Photo

Metatron’s Profile Photo

Hey, done anything to your stangs lately?
SpeedRacerOnline’s Profile Photo

Nice collection of 'Stangs! Great photo albums, too.
mzsuz2u’s Profile Photo

nice pony...dropped by and boosted your rating for ya ;-)
ILikeItSideways’s Profile Photo

you posted on my page way back in July I think... I never really got back to you. Finally updated my page.
Anyways, to answer your question, I plan on building a pro rally car out of my Impreza. It's expensive and it will take a few years, but thats the ultimate goal.

Clean mustangs, gorgeous.
ACMustang’s Profile Photo

THanks for the compliments, will get more pics up this spring!
Scottie’s Profile Photo

Help me out vote for black haze
manny4’s Profile Photo

Whats up man? Its been awhile just had to let you know that I now have Flowmaster American Thunder Force II installed on my car with a true dual system by cutting the y-pipe and installing the x-pipe and the rest of the kit on after that now I have an official V-8 sound with 3' pipes. I will have pics up soon. How is your stang treating you? Get at me sometime.
89GT331’s Profile Photo

Wow! that red notch looks CLEAN! i want a notch so bad, and that bullit sweet too. Thanks for the comments. My 331 should be done by spring...hoping for 375+ rwhp staying NA.
IntenseBlackout’s Profile Photo

no 1/4 mile times yet. IRight now i dont have access to atrack but maybe next month.
black50GT’s Profile Photo

nice bullit ha i guess the mustang thing is in the genes my 5.0 was passed down to me when my dad bought a 03 cobra supercharged and it looks like you and your dad share the same passion good luck with the bullit their actually one of my favorite 98-and up edition mustangs them and the mach 1 dont know what i would choose but im stickin with the old school for now later man
98stangvertblue’s Profile Photo

Thanks. I'm trying to persuade my dad (he own's the '68,) to restore it soon, but other than that, theres not a whole lot pending on that one. For mine, I'm planning on getting interior neon, new pedals, a new shifter, a cold air intake, maybe some new rims, just little bits and pieces. Your stangs are pretty sweet too!
d00md01’s Profile Photo

Thans for the complement. You have a great looking one yourself.
My plans . Black Cobra rims
Exhaust System. Maybe get it Tuned.
m260gt’s Profile Photo

hey man i love the bullit! those r sweet cars. and i like the green the best. and u got some nice times with it too. yea i live in lutz but i dont remember ever seein u...but maybe i did.
Billin21’s Profile Photo

Your Bullit looks great and your Dads car is awesome!!

Thanks for the comment!! Nice stang by the way smile image take care
Mazzoni’s Profile Photo

Thank you for the warm welcome. I am selling my stang soon, because right now it is only collecting dust (the Naval Academy does not allow freshmen or sophomores to drive). However, I want to buy a 2000 GT convertible, once I can get back on the road.
Billin21’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the welcome. I'd really like to build a block for it, forged internals and a Trickflow H/C/I kit. After that hopefully a turbo.
00mustangGT’s Profile Photo

thanks, well i have some plans but it well take a while and i am still researching but its usually the basics engine work s/c etc.
Clutzmi’s Profile Photo

im lookin to go dark metalic blue with white ghost flames
Clutzmi’s Profile Photo

thanks i like ur rides also. yea im pretty much done with the motor just a few ing. mods left then hopefully paint.
Metatron’s Profile Photo

I have several plans, but a lack of funds and lack of time to play means I can not do anything till I graduate and get a job. Are you planning anything with your most excellent collection?
MustSee’s Profile Photo

Actually I dont know Intermission, although he does live in the same area as me. And no im not on 3.8 mustang.If i were i would go check out www.americanmuscle.com they have alot of good mustang parts for a good price. I am a memember of there forum, you should join
manny4’s Profile Photo

Its cool I just put an A/C bypass pulley on there for now and figured why not add a new serpentine belt. But have you heard of the cold air intakes that has a CO2 canister in the trunk that attaches to the cold air intake. It also comes with a simulated nitrous purge system so everytime the system is on you can have smoke coming through your hood. A guy up here at UMD was telling me about that and I had never heard of anything like it before. Well get at me whenever ayte one love peace!
ted’s Profile Photo

Hey Blainstang, Thanks... I uploaded a few more of my cars. Check them out.
By the way nice Bullitt.
manny4’s Profile Photo

Hey whats up man? I havent been on here for awhile and just stopping by to see whats new with your stang. I just locked up my A/C compressor saturday but the thing is I didnt even have the A/C on aint that some ****. Well get at me whenever ayte one love peace!
AzianStang’s Profile Photo

I don't really have a plan for the 03... just a general idea of what I want. I want at least 450rwhp, I'd like 500. That's cool that you know Brandon... we're hitting the track this weekend!
AzianStang’s Profile Photo

What up, dude! Thanks for the comment. The new 03 is a blast, even in stock form. FYI, I have a buddy that has a Bullitt that has a Vortech running 8psi. It's NICE! You can see it here: http://www.sy...view&id=3
65fastback2plus2’s Profile Photo

i couldnt find a decent bullitt for under 14k....got the mach for under 17k...so i figured why not hehe
65fastback2plus2’s Profile Photo

hahaha, ya, even the slight pot hole does it in...but it rides so smooth on the highway, runs circles around hondas in turns and looks pimp
mustangjunkie’s Profile Photo

I just got a set of Drag Radials, the Diablo Predator is getting reprogrammed, i have the 3.73 gears, and magnaflow catback exhaust with dump tips on em. Im taking it to the track saturday, ill let you know how i do! Sweeeeeet bullit btw!
65fastback2plus2’s Profile Photo

more pics of the 67 up.
65fastback2plus2’s Profile Photo

ya, gotta have a weekday car and a weekend car biggrin image
65fastback2plus2’s Profile Photo

nope, except for whats already done, shes staying bone stock.
ryguy89lx’s Profile Photo

nice bullitt. i plan on making the notch into a clone of the vert. just faster.
jake_98gt’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comment. I have underdrive pulleys I still need to put in. Soon I'll be getting a Predator, 4.10 gears, 70mm BBK TB and Plenum, and an Off-Road X-Pipe. I'm trying to make it beat a stock LS1. Any other suggestions would be awesome.
manny4’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the support in the challenge. As far as plans go I really want to drop a 302 in there since the 94' & 95' were the last mustangs with the true 5.0L motor in them!
neatofrito1618’s Profile Photo

Thanks, but yes I'm still planning on the SSM 4.3(just the internals, not the long block).
brimg87’s Profile Photo

Thanks, nice stang you got there yourself.

My next mods will be replacing the mach 460 stereo system with stuff that I have from my last setup. I might lower it in the spring, maybe paint the brake calipers red, debating tint right now. Priority is the stereo since I already own most of the stuff.
wrxbandit’s Profile Photo

Nice Gts wish I kept mine.
corsa’s Profile Photo

Blaine, you rock for taking all the Woodward Dream Cruise pics. We'll get your photo album featured on the front page in the next few days. wink image
BigRed03’s Profile Photo

Hey man. Oct. 14th is the MOSI show. Entry is $20. I am trying to get a bunch of my Foci friends to come. Hope to see you there. visit www.mustangcluboftampa.com for the entry form. Later.
blkstealth06si’s Profile Photo

hey man, thanks for checkin out my si. nice stangs, im guessin they arent all yours. lol. but yeah, i've had it to the track, best i've ran so far is a 15.4, still gettin used to the stick shift, last car was an auto.
thezfor_me’s Profile Photo

probably going to repaint it in the near future when im at college otherwise nothing major just keeping it a nice driver
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