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C5_CHICK is woohoo my daugter is moving down — updated 7 years ago

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Hi ya Thelma!!! I know forshame forshame on me. Its been @5 mths since on line here. I'm still busy with my trainig dogs & rehabilitationof wildlife. We bought the building our business is in, and we will be retiring in 2+ yrs.. Then its off into the warm breezes only 36 pusher + enclosed trailer with 62 vette. I'm keeping all my homes for a few extra yrs until I decide what I like to do. Then maybe sell the main one and rebuild one in the same location only on a private lot verses a site of homes. I have mom and mother in law both checking on and taking care of my own immune system, so I'm a busy person, still and working with the homeless when I have time. My friends are so much younger that are in the dog training it will be a joy to take a dog along training it until I'm satisfied then donating it to a person who cannot afford these service dogs from PAWS for 10,000-50,0000. I have trained 2 already. Son lives in GA, seen him during Holidays it was fantantastic good looking young man just bought himself a big Ford truck, busy as a beaver working as an operations mgr..Hugs I won't be on again for sometime.. Susie aka/Louise! you have my cell still? Its the same.
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Awesome!! Glad to have you as a friend!
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Good Golly that is some amazing paint! Wonderful ride!!
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