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  • Age: 37
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Lincoln, Nebraska
    United States
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HACKGT350’s Profile Photo

nah man no sea bass thats a grouper i have a picture of a bigger one i cought something like 350lbs
fastkawasaki454’s Profile Photo

thanks man!
canadianpontiacguy’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the warm welcome Christopher.
Thai is a great site,and I will enjoy sharing many photos over the coming winter months.
Also looking forward to linking up with other Pontiac fans.
PamVMG’s Profile Photo

[email][/email]Sure - as soon as SEMA and budget planning is over! LOL - I am literally sitting in a PILE of paperwork! And I haven't even left yet.... So, would any of that info be of use to you? Let me know and I can get contacts etc.. over to you. Give me a call when you get a chance.
ssayre’s Profile Photo

Hey Chris! like my lexi pic?
It's Sandra under alias "sean" !
Love the site!
thezfor_me’s Profile Photo

sorry computer kind of took a dive will get them as soon as possible
Jimmy’s Profile Photo

whats up dude....challenging the hoes huh? You need to move your ass back here so we can take them off road together.
Yamma’s Profile Photo

hey there..has anyone said you look like jeff gordon??
AzianStang’s Profile Photo

Thanks, buddy!
Melissa’s Profile Photo

I had a fun weekend too. Thanks for working with the NBT! See ya soon
Phantompooper’s Profile Photo

I'd appreciate that quite a bit Christopher. We'll see in about 4 days.
Travis’s Profile Photo

hey chris,
thanks for the help. I am already glued to the computer.
Blainestang’s Profile Photo

Hey, thanks for the comment on the Bullitt. It's really been a lot of fun. BTW, did you get my reply to your message?
kidish860’s Profile Photo

thanks for the comment. Nice ride
huskerjeep’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comment. The closest place to Lincoln to wheel is Tuttle Creek in Kansas. It is by Randolph, KS. Other then that, I head out to Lake Mac and play on the rocks and ledges west of North Shore on the beach. -Shawn
cliffes85ss’s Profile Photo

thx...u 2, my boss had one identical to yours, sweet trucks....
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