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  • Age: 52
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    United States

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  • Shocking Find
    After a 20+ year absence and any hope of finding my first Fiero back I found the car in a back road used car lot only a few blocks from my work. It has been sitting there for...

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    Maintenance Update
    After what appears to be nearly 20 since it last ran I performed some major maintenance on this car and she fired up and seems to run pretty smooth. Need to complete clutch...

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    Finally retired the old Nox to used car status at the local Pontiac dealer. She ran up to 167,000 miles without any problems. I planned on running it up past 200,000 miles,...

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chevelle69’s Profile Photo

awesome garage....geno
BigBlockMan’s Profile Photo

Hey there car dude, look I finally got back in. Wow this is fun looking through some of the garages. Later.
carfanatic1’s Profile Photo

Enjoyed viewing the albums!
buddyluv’s Profile Photo

The Judge is and was the baddest Pontiac in Pontiac history (in my opinion!)
BigBlockMan’s Profile Photo

It depends are you mowing the lawn or tareing up the pavement, which ever you choose they are both very fast. Depends on the day.
Camsmaro’s Profile Photo

Lemme tell ya, those 454 SS pickups are a lot of fun... but a killer on gas, lol!

Nice car buddy, keep it shinin!
39pont’s Profile Photo

Here come the Judge! Nice car.
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