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  • Age: 36
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  • Address: Pine Bluff, Arkansas
    United States

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Dyno'ed "Mumu" on 11/20/2010, 527whp/454tq uncorrected, 497whp/429tq SAE. Not bad for a few "bolt ons" wink image lol.
Boost_Up’s Profile Photo

lovely rides man, keep up the awsome work!!!
MONGOOSE’s Profile Photo

Oh, I like the "Charger". Keep me posted as well as pictures on whatever mods you are thinking of upgrading. Good luck, Riding with ya man!!!
Mopar_Liz’s Profile Photo

Thankx for the add. I love the color of your srt smile image. Does it have any stages?
97cavy’s Profile Photo

Hey bro, i absolutly love your SRT-4 my buddy has one and took me for a crazy a$$ ride ill never forget, here is a link to some pics of it. He is also on the SRTforum.com

5 stars bro smile image

Z28Chic’s Profile Photo

Thanx LoL I wouldn't have it any other way. Muscle cars are meant to have muscle LoL
91dsm’s Profile Photo

yea bro its messed up like i said but thats how sites are when your not down i guess lol.
91dsm’s Profile Photo

Damn bro i think on the challenges everyone are butt buddies so they are voteing against you. B/c you shouldnt be loosing to a stock cobolt ss and stock monte!!!
srt4acr’s Profile Photo

thanks man. eblue is my 2nd favorite color too, especially with those wheels! I don't have plans for anything more than IO already have done, S1, AGPWGA, BC, CAI, exhaust and a BOV. I would love to go big turbo eventually but its a little too much $$$
91dsm’s Profile Photo

Oh geeze they let anyone on these things now days! Lol j/k bro. Thanks for the add man.
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