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  • Age: 69
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Westminster, Maryland
    United States
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A lot of medical trouble. hope to be back soon.
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What's the deal with the clock on this site? It's WAY off.
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Try again. Any of you have life get you down and you don't wanna get up....SEE AN ACCUPUNCTRUIST!! I've had the parts for the 555" Chevelle motor setting around for almost 5 yrs. I see her in late August. Sent the block to be machined .030 more (a couple water marks progressed too far), 565" Dart engine built, in the car and DRIVEN Dec. 24th. Merry Christmas to me! I have energy I haven't seen in 15 yrs! As soon as this damn cold weather breaks, I'll be freshening up that 638" Merlin/Dart and the new MEATBALL/ "Strip Blazer" will be on the track early this year. I'm telling you...DO IT!! Time waits for no one.
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