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  • Age: 32
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  • Address: Springdale, Arkansas
    United States
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shrades79’s Profile Photo

hey are you from kearney? i remember seeing that u said you were, im from ravenna just 30 miles north of kearney
Boss281’s Profile Photo

I only say this because no other fox body that I have raced could keep up Including one wiht a 347.
Boss281’s Profile Photo

Humphrey is north of columbus about 25 miles. I don't see the point in running them because I don't think you would stand a chance.
Gamio213’s Profile Photo

Looking real tight!!
ma70’s Profile Photo

the hatch is barely doing better than stock right now, i kind of lack the $$$ for any major upgrades for a while. i think racing me would be kind of pointless...
UncleJ1977’s Profile Photo

Nice Looking ride, I am working on getting photos up soon. I've been down for a bit with knee surgery. Bummer.
CamaroChica’s Profile Photo

ummm i honestly it is hard to notice anything anymore, I have had the chip for so long, but i remember when i first got it the shifts where smoother, and it got rid of the rev limiter. if i were u id put my money elsewhere! lol
mustang302fan’s Profile Photo

Actually the tranny is the mustangs T-5. the truck has traction bars that helped with wheel hop a lot and it has a traction loc. Currently the motor is all stock and probably will remain this way for a while. it is definately a fun truck!
mustang302fan’s Profile Photo

Hey man i posted up some more pictures of the ranger. as far as times go the best was a 14.6 at 94mph. good luck being able to launch that thing.
SSleepnAngel’s Profile Photo

Nice truck!
Karen’s Profile Photo

Yeah, those wheels do look pretty good! Thanks! tongue image
Suburban4x4’s Profile Photo

What up bro. Check out my profile. I added some stuff you were requesting to see. smile image
Devin’s Profile Photo

yea thats fine i usually store here in sept i only drive her like 2 months out of the year butyea we maybe do a go!
mustang302fan’s Profile Photo

well not sure what you mean by whats up with it. it has a 5.0L out of a 95 mustang. its a swap we did about 2 years ago
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