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  • Age: 35
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Albany, Upstate N.Y.
    United States
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orange82’s Profile Photo

Awesome garage, like that vette, 5 stars.
HACKGT350’s Profile Photo

thanks a lot i already gave you your votes on yours
HACKGT350’s Profile Photo

i love the car man so sick
Stormin’s Profile Photo

Dez Directions:: http://local....BSR1vP6qRcA--

Hope this Helps...
stoner350’s Profile Photo

wow. im surprised it ended in a draw...you have a really nice truck man
Juggernaut’s Profile Photo

hey thanks for adding me, tell me when you got some challenges, don't want anything to beat a car like that tongue image
MistaBob’s Profile Photo

thanks alot man. your truck is awesome.. that thing is great how did you fund that project??
i wish that could be my 1st ride!!!
Repo’s Profile Photo

Like your mustang. Its been the only one that i have liked so far.
QuikZilver’s Profile Photo

Awesome Vette!
MistaBob’s Profile Photo

whats the name of his crew? yea its so fun and once you get good its alot of fun! i like your car!
Blue_SRT4’s Profile Photo

You have some nice rides man, love those bikes. My manager at my work is on a stunt team and does some crazy **** like that.
MistaBob’s Profile Photo

i do stunt shows in the summer time. i got the cops to let me do a burnout on there cars with a few of my buddies for a stunt video we were making!
Kolin’s Profile Photo

wow, thanks man, the stang is pretty sweet too. I also love the bike. is there a story behind those burnouts and cops?
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