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  • Age: 31
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  • Address: Cincinnati, Ohio
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Hey, good to hear from you! Good luck on selling the MR2 and Monte Carlo, whether you get an Imprezza or an A4, you will end up with a very sweet ride. Can't wait to see what you end up with!
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Man, you are having the worst luck with your cars right now! Hopefully soon though, at least one of 'em will be good to go!
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Nice collection of cars. The Z34 is Sweet!!!
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Good luck on the Bimmer, hopefully you'll be able to check the "I used to own this car" box on your Monte's profile and add a new one for the Bimmer. wink image
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Your friend's Z06 is sweet!
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Sweet Monte and MR2. Those MR2's are great little cars. My buddy at work has a 91 N/A and it's a blast to drive. Good luck with both cars.
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If you sprayed brake cleaner into the intake, a sensor or two might have been messed up. The ones that come to mind are the idle speed sensor, idles speed motor, mas air flow sensor, O2 sensor, or the throttle postion sensor. I would first check the idle speed sensor or the idle speed motor. I know nothing about imports, but I've had a similar problem with a '91 Z28 Camaro with TPI. I hope this helps. Check my garage sometime. I have a a few hotrods of my own in there.
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Cool, looks like you are well on your way with the MR2, thanks for the update. If the 944 your friend was looking at has a 16-valve head, it is either a 944S or 944S2 (or at least the engine out of a 944S or 944S2 transplanted into a regular 944.) I don't think you can just take a 16-valve head and put it on the base 944 engine, too many differences in the engines. Don't quote me on that though, I could be wrong. BTW, mine is a 944S so it has the 16-valve engine.
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those rallycross photos look like a lot of fun
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Haha, I just got it back up and running a week and a half ago.
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