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QuikZilver is ASE Certifed Master Technician — updated 4 years ago

  • Age: 47
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  • Address: Lake Worth, Florida
    United States
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Kayleigh’s Profile Photo

Happy Birthday (a litttle late)!
BADDAWG’s Profile Photo

Happy Birthday Bro.
chevy66babe’s Profile Photo

Like the cool Chevys in your garage.
susie62corvette’s Profile Photo

Always like a new friend especially one with the same taste in a I want to hear how she likes the new vette it is the only cometiton in speed off the rack new is that new nisson that is a rtx? my friend bought one she has not yet received it they are both cars with exact speed and everything. Hers was 95,000. There are 1500 only being made.
97SilverBullet’s Profile Photo

Nice car, had to refuse the challenge, it's obvious who would have won.
BuyAmerican’s Profile Photo

Great looking collection.....
Deb’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the invite - GREAT Monte and of course gotta love the Vetts!! GL and keep up the good work!
dirkster’s Profile Photo

Like the Monte, but gotta love the Vette(s). I'm looking forward to your next journal entry to read how the races went.
MCMotorgrrl’s Profile Photo

Thats a beautiful Monte you have
montess2k4’s Profile Photo

Love the Monte!!
SpeedinBitch’s Profile Photo

I Love the paint on that sweet vette..that is tight..Post more picssmile image
jeremie’s Profile Photo

im waiting to find out after my motor gets in haha. i want to run an ls7 z06 too..but i already know what will happen frown image nice monte and vette!
firebird_1252’s Profile Photo

hey man always loved your cars! keep them looking great!
MissBehavinRacin’s Profile Photo

I think you could be giving me tips! Ha ha... I use a delay box and transbrake, so I react to the first bulb to be comfortable with a pro tree for divisional events, but I can tell you that I still struggle. I hit some good lights this weekend, but seems like I can't pull one when it matters... ha ha. The best thing I can tell you to do is to clear your head, and count the lights down when you're staged. Which light do you leave off of? I used to leave off the second and it sounds silly, but each time an amber bulb would light up, I would focus on a routine, even something like saying the same word each time the light begins to light up... that cleared everything else out of my head and bettered my concentration before I used the delay. I warned you it was silly, but it worked. The best thing is experience. Good luck with your racing career, keep me updated!
atarian’s Profile Photo

nice 86 ss. also i like ur vette. i hope my 85 ss looks that good one day.
wilde1988’s Profile Photo

Very nice garage man. The vettes look awesome.
QuikZilver’s Profile Photo

Just added pictures of my 1993 Corvette that I traded in on my Z06.
1984Montemaniac’s Profile Photo

Both cars are sweet!!!!!!
John_S’s Profile Photo

Nice cars, both of them! I like what you;ve done with the Vette and am looking forward to seeing whats to come for the Monte.
SSleepnAngel’s Profile Photo

Nope mines gonna be faster. haha
monteman1978’s Profile Photo

SSweet Monte!
SSleepnAngel’s Profile Photo


Awesome seein you here! Your monte is really nice!
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