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  • Linln LS Facelift!!!
    New parts are arriving for my 2000 Lincoln LS "facelift". Hopeing to have everything painted and installed by March. First parts to arrive were 2006 Lincoln LS 2nd Gen fodling...

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    New 22's
    Found a local TBSS owner selling his TBSS. I called him amd asked if he would be interested in a straight up trade of wheels and tires? My OEM TBSS 20's for his aftermakret...

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    CustomGrille Inserts!!!
    I didn't want to spend over a $100 for grille inserts I not like. So I made my own. I had some grille mesh from a previous project. What the hell. I made my own for less then...

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ROLNGTZ’s Garage comment

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Gtdhw’s Profile Photo

Sweet Garage for sure!
Strosek300ZX’s Profile Photo

Lucky chap! Circle of women!smile image
chevelle69’s Profile Photo

nice rides
MustangGT58266’s Profile Photo

hey sorry that last comment was me i didnt notice my bro was still logged in haha but yea the color on my stang is redfire! which i thought was sweet cuz everyone around here has black or the brighter torch red
tireman_s10’s Profile Photo

great garage !! your ridez look great .
silver05’s Profile Photo

nice ridezzzzzzzzz
monkeewrench’s Profile Photo

Congrads on hitting a milestone! Not an easy feat... Great job!
kruch’s Profile Photo

o i so gata buy a tuner, i think iv seen your car on spring break tuners goin wild
1OF6K’s Profile Photo

Yes X2 congrats on you baby...cool garage! 5^
BifferSoul’s Profile Photo

Congrats with the baby girl!!!
no1camaro’s Profile Photo

Nice LS!
rotorhead’s Profile Photo

great looking lincoln! would love to park next to it at the next johnny rockets show (if they still happen)
im_deleting_my_acct’s Profile Photo

WOW you have a SWEET garage! love the 3800 sc! bet that HAULS! i give you lots of props
GoldenGirl’s Profile Photo

Wow - this has got to be one of the most diverse garages on Motortopia! Thanks for sharing your love of cars with us all.
DarrenWS6’s Profile Photo

thanks for ranking up my garage, got ya back
AndysAutoSport’s Profile Photo

thanks for the vote as well, nice LS! You use to have a Z3 huh? I have a 1995 M3 and was thinking of selling it, but might just keep it for the track, not sure as of right now. But once again, thanks for the vote!!!!
Jene’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the vote... wink image
chevyboy’s Profile Photo

hey your slide show of car show pictures , is there any other way on your site to veiw them ? in the slide you can not right hand click to save some of them , the yellow beretta is awesome aswell as the old coupes i would love to have to save some of those pics , is there anyway i can do this ?
orange82’s Profile Photo

Man, how can you afford that many cars? The insurance must be killing ya. LOL
thejudge’s Profile Photo

these are some great cars thanks for sharing them with us
sinbad89110’s Profile Photo

Nice girls..... I mean cars. I wanted to vote on your garage but I don't know how to, I don't see the option to do so.
Daniel_K_Munroe’s Profile Photo

You have some cool cars. The Lincoln looks particularly sharp.
ASSMAN’s Profile Photo

90GTZHO’s Profile Photo

Hey dude whats up? i see the Lincoln is still gettin some good rep, along with the L67! Congrats on the challenge thing too! 300! good number to be at wink image
bzzzzzzz’s Profile Photo

good to see you back , i was away for a while to. to much bull **** going on
Chevyboy92’s Profile Photo

Thanks for joining Gm's R' Us were glad to have you!!

Chevyman89’s Profile Photo

I love your cars, keep up the good work!!
LadyDevon’s Profile Photo

LMAO It was Sunday, you're not supposed to leave the bed on Sundays.
LadyDevon’s Profile Photo

Thanks! Those decals are going to be awesome. Now to get down to Missouri to get them put on. I am so excited.
Juggernaut’s Profile Photo

whats been going down in mototown?
lol thats so lame ^^^ tongue image
DesignsByFriday’s Profile Photo

Hey thanks for the add Best of Luck on Winning the challenge contest this Month.
50stanger’s Profile Photo

I havent ever found any Beretta to be an easy win...especially yours. Not saying you don't deserve to win, cus you do. I know I don't have much, but I have a lot of time inot things also and just can't seem to win agains people who have less, you know? Mybe it is just the way this place works, the more you know, the better you go. Anyways, I will always have you back...that Beretta you have is sick, and now I want one of my own smile image Maybe I can do it to my Monte..it need a new motor.....hmmm Good luck to tyou and I wish you the best!
50stanger’s Profile Photo

Good luck on your challenges this month, I hope you win them!! How do you do it? I can't seem to win. You killed me with the SUV..LOL, that is ok, I figure that would happen!! GOOD LUCK!!
autocavabot99’s Profile Photo

yeah i didnt know you had the series 2 swap....thats sick bro...looks great
MONGOOSE’s Profile Photo

All of your cars are fine. But to me, the leader is the "LINCOLN LS". Now that's a show stopper. "GO FORD"!!!
Riverheadracer’s Profile Photo

damn bro u must have a sick job to afford all these sick toys Hook a brutha up lol
kumiyer’s Profile Photo

I am originally from Illinois - but now I am on a "never-ending" short term project in MD, lol
Rush’s Profile Photo

Thanks man, too bad everyone hates it.lol I cant win a challenge to save my life.

later, Rush
TehRen’s Profile Photo

thank you so much
Aaron’s Profile Photo

nice ride dude. i know i already pretty much lost just by adding u in the challenge. but aw well. good job. id say a 5
Repo’s Profile Photo

John, cant wait for ppv. Nov. 18th right??
TheAntiRice’s Profile Photo

good gawd man thats a nice set up how did you get that motor in there
2002OhioLSE’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the support bro. By the way, nice ride.
philco3’s Profile Photo

John grow a pair of boobies, maybe you'll beat hotmomma biggrin image
Repo’s Profile Photo

did you just touch my ass?
DELETED’s Profile Photo

I want a hood ornament!!!!
KingRide’s Profile Photo

Nice Ride bro. Nice to see another Illinois LS on here.
Do cops bug you about your tints?
black_lincoln’s Profile Photo

yea i agree... nice site.. verry nice car.
Gamio213’s Profile Photo

Glad to see you here bud. I had a good time at Nopi, to bad they couldnt put us in different categories. Beautiful LS!!! Wanna trade?
Blue_SRT4’s Profile Photo

Yea same here, a lil suprised lol, but looks great.
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