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  • Age: 31
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Red Bud, Illinois
    United States

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d_rentfro’s Profile Photo

bad ass truck
silver05’s Profile Photo

1bad azz truck
K1M_and_J1M’s Profile Photo

Fantastic looking Silverado Repo!
There's a lot of love and money in that ride!
5+ Stars all around!
Awesome Garage! 2 Thumbs up!!
DarrenWS6’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the ranks man, got ya back!
orange82’s Profile Photo

Nice job on the truck. Lot's of work there.
Spiritdancer’s Profile Photo

Congratulations on the challenge win! I don't mind losing to such an AWESOME ride!

BuyAmerican’s Profile Photo

Great looking truck.Love the blue.
Chevyboy92’s Profile Photo

those are some sweet trucks ya got
BRS’s Profile Photo

Wicked looking truck! You did a great job on it. I've got a '93 Silverado in my garage that I've had since new (and still looks that way) and wouldn't sell it for anything. Nice ride!
stoner350’s Profile Photo

**** man.. id kill for your truck..real nice. make sure to check my challenges
PhatCaddy’s Profile Photo

Thanks Repo. It's House of Kolor Pagan Gold. Beautiful truck. I haven't seen one that clean around here. Color looks great and sits just right.
m260gt’s Profile Photo

wow nice challenge...closest one ive had yet! and nice truck too.
ns_monte48’s Profile Photo

lol thanks people say i'm crazy when it comes to clean my car... i clean it 3 times a week just about! or when ever it gets durty.
ns_monte48’s Profile Photo

Thanks, It hnadles good when its running good lol right now it needs a rear sway bar and when your over a 100k/m and start to break it vibrates the wheel like crazy, takes the turns good! your truck is freaking nice man!
ns_monte48’s Profile Photo

5 for both trucks
Yamma’s Profile Photo

I'd get it in black! i donno what year...id get a used one, i only seen one or two around here so its going to be hard to find!
Yamma’s Profile Photo

lol oh lots of power!! just trying different things my dad used to have a chev pickup thats how i learned how to drive...and the monte handles great for me i love it! or did:
Yamma’s Profile Photo

hey there thanks for the add! and badass truck love the chevys! i wouldn't mind have the Silverado SS, mabey!
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