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  • Age: 36
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Blue Ridge, Georgia
    United States
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This is the same one that's for sale on IA. It's crazy nice, man. Good job.
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I have no earthly idea.. it says no reason specified.. my guess is I made a post about the calendar.. Im guessing..
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By the way... did I tell you I got banned from SF?
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Pretty sick ride whats that baby run?
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Hey Rush! Suup? I didnt know you switched the tranny out.. When you coming back up for a SELOC meet?
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"Hey whats the scoop on Gas? Are they gonna have the store open like last year?
Food? Do we need to bring any or just not worry about it?"

I don't think the store will be open this year...they are adding a second story and construction appears to be underway already.

I think a fill up in Robbinsville should allow you to play almost all day. I get terrible mileage up there, but I can make about 4-5 complete runs even on my piddly 14 gallon tank.

We may make a pizza run or something...maybe we could all just go eat in R-ville at some point during the day. I'm really trying not to get locked into an "organizer" role...I want to be able to have fun with everyone too! wink image
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Welcome Rush! =)
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