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SSleepnAngel’s Garage comment

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jim815’s Profile Photo

I enjoy and applaud your enthusiasm...
goovito’s Profile Photo

hi sleeping angel , droped by 2 show sum luv...
chevelle69’s Profile Photo

cool garage.....................geno
goovito’s Profile Photo

thanks for the comment, but like an idet i am i erased it by mistake...sory
goovito’s Profile Photo

u gotta watch out for those sleeping angels.
wolf in sheeps clothing...lol
CHEVYMUSCLE87’s Profile Photo

you see there are a lot of benefits of being a gearhead
CHEVYMUSCLE87’s Profile Photo

lol i was referring to oldjoe and what he said.
CHEVYMUSCLE87’s Profile Photo

theres nothing wrong with being a gearhead
oldjoe’s Profile Photo

Congradulations on becoming a gear head!! See that X did one good thing!! lol
monkeewrench’s Profile Photo

Monte's kick ass!!! Thx 4 add!
rogercook’s Profile Photo

Forget the car, how bout more pictures of you! You're cuter than any car!
turbo_jimi’s Profile Photo

You're cute, but how about some pics of your car! wink image
SickSpeedMonte’s Profile Photo

hahaha! Thomas got my butt in trouble huh?
ns_monte48’s Profile Photo

Cant wait to see that SS when shes done!...keep us posted!!
cookinSSS’s Profile Photo

Great Monte Project. Be sure to post some pictures as the restoration is being done.
85MCSS’s Profile Photo

I dont know if I will be driving but the Monte will definitly be there. See you and Bernie tomorrow!
85MCSS’s Profile Photo

Hey Angel, cant wait for MM06 Ill see you and Bernie next weekend.
andylynn67’s Profile Photo

Thanks! Hey looks like you got a cool fixer upper! My Monte started out the same way.go to www.montecarloss.com to see lots of cool SS cars and lots of info too.
Monza’s Profile Photo

Same to you...
If had had the money I would buy a monte or a Cutlass of the same year
brndn84’s Profile Photo

Whats up I love finding people that have a passion for montes like I do, come see my project!
85SSMonte’s Profile Photo

Hi I'm happy to see that you have a monte too! Never give up! Montes are worth the wait.
Racegirl’s Profile Photo

Thanks, Nice Monte you got too!
John_S’s Profile Photo

Good luck there Angel, if you have not already done so be sure to register on MonteCarloss.com. Lots of good folks there to help you out and answer any questions you may have.
85MonteSS’s Profile Photo

Yeah, 85SS_T_350HP_MONTE. I've bought a Monte that needed work done also. I know how u feel about it. Good luck with the work, and sounds like u have some good help, too. That would have been nice to have. R u keeping the Auto?
1987MonteSS’s Profile Photo

Nice SS Angel... I will be more than happy to offer any assistance/advice in the Body Work department as I am a Bodyman and would be glad to help fellow SS owners smile image
MCSSGmachine’s Profile Photo

Thanks Angel! You and Bernie will get that car looking great! Good luck!
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