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Shaker is Join us on The Snowman's Run 2018!! — updated 7 months ago

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If you have a turbo 350, which Im sure you do, the 200r4 will go right in place. You will have to move crossmember back, but that is it. The driveshaft will even fit. Advice: Dont mess with the govenor, those 200r4's have a delicate balance between the TV cable location and govenor spring weight. Just finished with rebuild on mine and havent gotten it to go into OD yet. Fixing to add spring back to govenor that I took out during shift kit installation. Also, go ahead and get the correct TV cable locator bracket for your carb. I think mine was a eldebrock bracket for a quadrajet. I might stay away from shift kits right off the bat until you get Transmission in car and working perfectly, then start modifying.
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Thanks for the comments. You have a couple of beautiful cars too. Did I understand correctly that you will be coming to Lincoln,NE in April? Maybe I'll see you then.
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Yeah it sucks but what are ya gonna do. Thanks man !
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hey jwf thanks for the great comments on my car thats the way i found it all original the speed o quite at 8 499 miles i know it has low miles the last owner never drove it any ways his lose what i need know is a blue one like yours it's got the looks and the power nice
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Nothin' like a garage full of BIRDS!!! biggrin image
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I LOVE both of your cars!
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Great Albums dude!
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The Bandit run sounds very interesting, I may have to take a closer look...Florida...I am on the other side of the country...LOL...still cool!
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Hey man! Nice rides! I know cause I've riddin in th blue one smile image
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Two 2nd gen Trans Ams are better than one!! Of course I love the Marty Blue. That's a real nice color/decal combo on your 79.
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thank your for all those compliments I really appreciate it! ready for the bandit run or what?!
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I'll take the blu one!
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Awesome cars! They are fun, are'nt they!
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Glad I came across your garage, really enjoyed the pics!!
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CONGRATULATIONS on your win!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin image
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Cool BIRDS!!!!
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Great Bandit Run Pix... thanks for sharing them!!!!
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