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  • Age: 59
  • Gender: F
  • Address: Spanaway, Washington
    United States
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one of the best cars
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Great car, great story!
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Very nice pic!!! smile image
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Thanks xmetal
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I think it's pretty cool really! We all, the "younger" ones can only hope that a lot of the younger kids today will find and love an old car decades thier senior and continue the hobby once we are long gone. Oops, getting deep there!
I think we all tend to learn a lot about any particular car we own and then a little outside that "box" also. It's a good thing, we can help others who are newly into the same cars we own.smile image Like the movie kinda, "pay it forward".

thanks yes most of the 1950 dodge coronets came with a d33 flathead six with the fluid drive my car how ever did not my car has a numbers match d34 with a gyro matic trans this was a special op you payed extra for and im only 38 so my rides has about 20 years on me so for me to know this much about this ride is strange dont you think??
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sweeet car!
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Way back when I had a '71 Challenger. Didn't have it long but still one of my fave cars. Yours is a little striaghter than mine! I still need to upload more pics to show the damage that creates the "banana" effect. smile image
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A"colourful" story and a "colourful" engine to match!
When you say "it never ends", you are soooo right. But enjoy cruisin' now, and as the restoration takes place, because it truly "never ends".
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Great photo, by the way!
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