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amdhunter’s Profile Photo

Thanks for all the nice comments!
Daniel_K_Munroe’s Profile Photo

man, I like all of your rides. Nice Mustangs!
MONGOOSE’s Profile Photo

Definitley nice "BLACK" ride. The "T-BIRD" looks like it's ready to fly. Good luck! "HOO-RAH"!!!
04azureMACH’s Profile Photo

i love ur car!
Christopher’s Profile Photo

Love the color! Good work...
amdhunter’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you like my garage, yours is nice too.
FordGirlGoneBad’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the vote. I'm a Mustang fan myself -- how I got a garage full of f-bodies is still a bit startling to me. I used to have a '70 Mustang convertible w/302 Boss and my first car was a '76 Mustang II Ghia w/a 4-cylinder, lol. Next cars to add to my list are a '69 Mustang w/shaker package, '79 Corvette (if I can ever find one I can afford, lol) and then maybe I'll go for the exotics...nice garage you have too. Again, thanks for the points.
TwoLOUD’s Profile Photo

sweet stang!
1997cobraFHS’s Profile Photo

how bout some help with my challange....
amdhunter’s Profile Photo

Good Deal! Send me a pic when you get a chance.
Michael’s Profile Photo

yeah i already have one but my car pic isn't updated yet....
amdhunter’s Profile Photo

LOL, Yeah, I got one for them when I ordered my plug wires for my Bird. I wear it alot too. BTW, help me with my challenges!
Michael’s Profile Photo

hey thanks and yeah i wear that hat everywhere
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