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maherj2’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comments on my Monza, it's amazing that these are rare considering how many were built! Nice TA!
joseph_16’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comment on mt TA. You have two Awsome looking rides yourself. Always brings smiles and looks when driving.
JesupTransAm’s Profile Photo

That is cool that you have pics of all the cars you owned previously!
AlaskariWeezy’s Profile Photo

nice cars
81TA’s Profile Photo

Nice garage, love your taste in cars!
JohnMilner’s Profile Photo

Damn email is on the friz , Wish I would have seen the memo about the cruise in.
96birdman’s Profile Photo

You surely have some nice vehicles here. To bad we live so far apart.
CJaguar265’s Profile Photo

thanks fior the kudos dude

Your KARRs are awesome
blurat72’s Profile Photo

thanx for the comment you have some nice rides also love the bandit
Silver_Shark83’s Profile Photo

Hey Bud, how are you man, how goes the battle of that awesome TA??
pEtRiTa3’s Profile Photo

Thank you for the comment and the link. =)
07Stallion’s Profile Photo

Nice cars. I love the Mustang. Of course I am partial to them anyway. I AM winning the cancer battle. I am kicking it's butt! Thanks for the nice comments.
countryman’s Profile Photo

I love the Stang and the Trans Am! there both very nice looking cars!
Silver_Shark83’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the kudos on my TA, I am the original and only owner, I will post up details today!
88TA’s Profile Photo

I have heard of TTAC, haven't much been in the local seen yet. Trying to get this car right first.
susie62corvette’s Profile Photo

very good... Susie
69chevelless’s Profile Photo

Man, the all GM show looked awesome. Thanks for sharing !
1984K5BlazerNick’s Profile Photo

Thanks!, just bought it tuesday, I'm SOOO excited for when it gets here. I'm havin it shipped, it runs,even has a 406 under the hood, but needs a battery.. so therefore is being held under the title "inop"
classictrendman’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the Comment on my 68 impala, its nice to love and enjoy cars the way you and i and many do all around the world, i cant live without cars all around me smile image , take care n keep intouch man.
K1M_and_J1M’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the nice comment on the new Camaro!
Man you have and have had some nice Machines! Wow! But being a big fan of the T/A that is sure a rare and beautiful ride!
Congratulations on a Great Garage full of some awesome vehicles!
speedinta’s Profile Photo

call me crazy, or senile, but didn't I read that the T/A nationals moved to kansas city, Missouri??
Big_Truck_Guy’s Profile Photo

Hey man, I appreciate the post bout the Chevelle, I was in the Corps and got out in Jan of 09'. I still cant bring myself to sell it, I have lots of offers all the time, but I cant sell it. I saw your dream car was a 70' MACH 1? There is an man bout 02 minutes outside of town near me that I'm pretty sure has one, it aint in the best of shape, but it runs looks ok, I can look into it if ya want...
JessicaMarie’s Profile Photo

Thanks. Yeah, thats what everyone says. It is always nice to see younger people into the old junkers. Keeps em' alive. You'd be surprised how many people there are my age that share the same passion.
modifier_93’s Profile Photo

thanks for commenting on my garage. I do like DOmestic cars, im a major amercian muscle nut but the cars are just so hard to find and too expensive to but now a days. I get really good deals and have a lot of good connections in the tuner world. Hopefully when i get out of college and have a stable job ill get what i want. Im in love with the new 2010 Camero and the New GTO. But till then ill stick to the cheap cars.
cmintsurfer’s Profile Photo

It may take some time to organize my profile and add some video's, pictures and comments but I see we are traveling down similar roads of interest. Mustangs, Firebirds, NASCAR. I still have most of the cars I've driven but they are needing time and parts. I check swap meets and wrecking yards almost monthly with my parts needed/wanted list.
buickturbot’s Profile Photo

thanks for the comment when i bought it back to texas lets just say i know some people at the DMV and they helped me out. Getting the car with a bond title almost cost what i payed for the car but the title came back clear with no leans
Transam_Formula_22’s Profile Photo

love the trans am man
starman672003’s Profile Photo

Thank you!!
xCobalt05x’s Profile Photo

thanks for the comment. I can't wait to get it on the road either! Have been wanting one ever since i seen the concept.
ccz2887’s Profile Photo

Hey buddy happy birthday today, I saw it on the Motortopia news. Happy birthday man.
Denise74TransAm’s Profile Photo

Wow! That's alot of nice cars there at the beach, I hope my weather gets nice like that soon!
tumbleweed56’s Profile Photo

great photos, heard about the show. maybe next year i will be there. what shows are you attending this coming year. Maybe i will see you at some.
gt_girl’s Profile Photo

Good job on the VA beach car show album! I enjoyed the show and your pics!
speedinta’s Profile Photo

Really enjoyed your pics of Lake Placid car show! Just wondering, how many different places have you lived????? Damn, you move around. I'm jealous! just keep on taking pics!
nibonnie’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comments. Mine is a work in progress, but it's hard to do any serious work since it's my only car.
xxTFDxx’s Profile Photo

trust me i will take care of my car =D
every single time the weather is nice i hand wash it for at least an hour. Its pretty much my pride and joy and i know i that im pretty lucky to be my age and have as many cars as i have. I really love the color of the mustang!!!
speedinta’s Profile Photo

Great garage! Your Alaskan drag racing pics make me want to drive up there to experience it! You're lucky to have lived it! Tim O
08GTCS’s Profile Photo

susie62corvette’s Profile Photo

Thank you for all the nice comments....I use to own a beautiful Z28 ...baby blue with the scoop hood Z28 stripping and sign on sides, the 68 chevelle I owned was black and black...bles the engine up a billion times...LOl thats what brothers are for! Teach me more. Hugs Susie
IvanJatson’s Profile Photo

just wish i could take on that firebird of yours in a little street drag!
BuyAmerican’s Profile Photo

Thanks for all your kind words. I thought about comming to the york high school show but found something closer. Maybe we can hook up at one of the va. shows.
zman454’s Profile Photo

like your trans Am.My camaro burnt a year ago. Hope to have it done real soon so I can get back to going to car shows and Cruise
boozeman’s Profile Photo

Fave song...Molly Hatchet, not many know that one but it was a big hit in our area here in Michigan as well......
Thanks for the comment and have to agree with the SD455 as car worth dreaming about. Sister had a 74 that someone before her had dropped in a 455....Wow that car was fun..
Nos79’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comments ! I work too much and never get time to get on this site. Glad to see you take care of that bird.
b10hz4rd’s Profile Photo

thanks for the comments bro. yeah it sucks that after 07 the MC was discontinued but thats all because of nascar's transition to the impala. and also yes it would have been awesome to get her in a rear wheel drive or even in a manual SS. fortunately it's still possbile but mega money for conversion. be safe and always leave your name on the concrete in beautiful black rubber!!
39pont’s Profile Photo

Nice TA!..I bet it is fun to drive!
BRS’s Profile Photo

Great looking rides in your garage.
mitch’s Profile Photo

Hey, thanks for the comments love the TA i always wanted a bandit TA
Prettybird81’s Profile Photo

Hey Bobby, Thanks for the comment on the "Trans Am" Trans Am pic. I took that on the way back from the Nationals in 07... i'd been looking for a "Trans Am" truck/trailer for awhile and found that one parked at a rest stop with a space next to it smile image
Ryno’s Profile Photo

thanks for all those comments man!
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