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  • Age: 26
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Lewistown, Pennsylvania
    United States
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thanks alot man this really helped me out on deciding which tires im gonna buy.
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Hey man I love the color ! the dime is coming along great .
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Thank you I never heard it called that but I like it!
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Hey this is street Machine Levi i wanna see that truck done look go so far with the drop but put some of your own spins on it. Make it what you want not what looks kool man and in the end it will be really sweet because of all the time and effort you put into it. People will see that and see what you see. One Bad Ass Ride
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cool garage keep up the good work....................geno
silver05’s Profile Photo

nice SS
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You've got talent for one so young and it'll only get better. From one Chevy owner to another, keep up the good work
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Haha Thanks man. Its actually a more quite rumble, but as time goes on it just gets louder smile image
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So you're just 16? I'm impressed. Most people twice your age don't have the skills that you've got. Where did you learn to do all this? Were you taught or are you just not scared to try things? That's the way I learned to do everything I know. I just go for it. I figure if someone else can do it there is no reason I couldn't do it too.You just keep up the great work. By the time you're my age you'll be able to do anything to a car that you want to! eek image)
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not too bad nice job on the truck
CSI_Missouri_Prez’s Profile Photo

Hey - thanx 4 da comment! I like ur display pic .... dat's cool!
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