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  • Age: 23
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Cedar Rapids, Nebraska
    United States
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donnalove’s Profile Photo

you got a hottie there in your profile photo, great job! Make her a car girl
gabbs’s Profile Photo

sexy trucks!!
Balboa777’s Profile Photo

Nice truck! My first car was a 62 Nova. Wish I still had it. Good luck on restoring it!
Silver_Shark83’s Profile Photo

The truck resto is looking good man, keep on moding!
Silver_Shark83’s Profile Photo

Outstanding truck bud! and the toy is radical too! great to see some up and coming motorheads!
MADhouse’s Profile Photo

Great looking garage~ That '70 pick-up is sweeeet! Love the other toys ya got too!
1969_z28’s Profile Photo

Great first vehicle, have fun with it, for the most part it's the one that you will remember the most throughout your life!
sheppardml’s Profile Photo

Nice ride. She'll look really good when you're finished. Oh wait, these vehicles get better everyday but are never finished. That would take out all the fun! Keep up the good work, the value can only go up. Always wear your seat belt & don't drink & drive!!!!!! Keep the shiney side up.
Rayman’s Profile Photo

Thx for the add!!! Sweet ride awesome go kart
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