corsa’s Garage comment

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Dude your a class act. Thanks man!!!!!!! V/R Dave
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hey bro, how is mr. wong doing?
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Nice. You look like the Stieg on Top Gear. You should start seeing the GT-R around. Spring is coming and we'll be driving. Cant wait winter was too long!
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Nice Bmw..... Donut & Burnout Legend
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nice rides
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Thank you for your comment! I really think it's one of the nicest things anyone's said to me about racing. I've heard quite a variety of things, but usually no one mentions my behavior at the races... so thank you! I really want to talk to the fans, get them involved. From now on, I will make more time to walk up and talk to them in the stands, regardless of whether I know them or not... so thanks for the push. I needed that!
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WOW dude, you have some really cool cars., Im basically a US made kinda guy,NOW,but I have owned several foreign cars. And they were all good ones. I just love that ol` Chev`Iron !!!
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Nice garage nothing like having your own car show!
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man your garage is flipping sick!
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Nice garage! hit ya with 5 stars
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tha yellow porsheis pretty sweet very nice car
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HAHA the mustang had a few extra dents in the back where i kicked it from being pissed lol but his front end look about like mine....
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WOW! Nice stable!
I almost bought an Opal GT back in the early '80s. I love the Corvair, and the rest of 'em too.
Best, Barry
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Yeah Corsa, What a feeling to hear that motor fire up on the first click of the key. Thank's for stopping by and for the support bro. Buddluvs ya!
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Thanks for the comment. Keep in touch. I'll be adding my other pics soon. I started stripping it down this last couple of weeks. Thanks again
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BACKATCHA! Sometimes I get all sentimental but I meant what I said. You guys are the reason I'm here on this site.

Thanks again!
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yeah that storm was pretty intense. I just pulled mine out of the fairgrounds and had mine down town for the parade!!! I couldnt believe it when they let us back in It was sad to see the c1 tent down all those survires wow i cried I love them all . And meeting Sue was just as cool as meeting Reeves Callaway that how much I think of her she rocks!!! thanks again
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Corsa you read my mind. I was searching hard for a late '80s 911 when I moved overseas a year and a half ago. Well unless I can dig one up in Hong Kong or have one shipped looks like it will have to wait. Then again your Boxster looks awful nice and there are some recent models of those around...
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I knew your car looked familiar! I have always wondered that since the turbo Corvairs were not have a intercooler do they ever get to hot?
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Have you ever checked out
Corvairs were so far ahead of their time. You can see how much they have contributed to the Corvette. Check out that site, it show Yenkos and all the prototypes. Was going to get a 65 Monza and do a V8 conversion but got a Firebird instead. Still want one bad.
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Nice garage! Thanks for the comment on my 928.
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Thank's 4 the comment. It's coming along and i'm glad you like it! Thank's again.
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Hey, thank you!
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Thanks for checking on mnitetrain. Our gang the 300M was out in Indy just b4 the 500. Check the LH groups for photo/video-they did do a lap or two around the Brickyard!!
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Check out my new car smile image
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Hey man, hows it going? I've been here off and on for a while. Just figured I'd stop by and say hi since I haven't talked to you in quite a while. I sold my Monte Carlo finally and I'm about to sell my MR2. I'm trying to buy a Subaru Impreza 2.5RS or an Audi A4 1.8T Quattro. Anyway, just thought I'd stop by and let you know whats going on with me and that I didnt leave the site haha. Take care man. The site is looking really good.
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Sweet Corvair-"unsafe at any speed" Ralph Nader should be hung!! Nice garage.
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Yeah. The Luv Machine was tons of fun next to spoiled kids with daddy's new Camaro at a stop light!
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Thanks for the welcome! You've got a sweet collection, Corsa. Good luck with the Corvair resto!
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LOL, you are so right about my Killer SS mower from hell! hahahaha
Nice rides BTW.
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Thanks for the welcome Stig... I mean Corsa. Nice cars you have there yourself!
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Thanks for the pics of the World of Wheels - I didn't get a chance to go. Lot's of cool stuff!
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it would really be Xmas if you found me a deal on a Simpson lid like your speedway!
i went with a Gforce pro on military man funds tongue image
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So are you the White Power Ranger Tommy.
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Thanks! Looks like you've got quite the setup!
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Thanks for the comment, It Looked Really Good in that light. Did u guys get any good pics of it i can save?
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Thanks,Yes it is differant. I get a lot of compliments on it. Nice looking garage and thanks for the challenge.
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Thanks for the complements on the big 'ole Impala! It is a factory tach between the speedo and the radio. In '66 all big block 4 speed cars received a factory tach in the dash, but the tach was optional with any other combination.

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I sold it back in October to guy in the service from the East coast,but he talked about keeping it in Lincoln at his Aunts house or something so thats most likely the same car
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Great looking Vair. Those are my favorite year.
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I like how you try and be fair and accually look at the cars when you vote. Thanks for checking out my challenges! I don't mind losing when I feel it is fair and people like you make them that way. Good luck to you!!
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Really nice corvair. I had a lot of fun in one of those in my younger days.
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re: redline Astra
personally i hope they at least make a coupe version of the car... i hate hatches. but yeah, they're talking about redline version having 2.0L turbo 260hp.... craziness.
more here:
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You should get yourself a Saturn Sky to reminisce about your old Opel GT wink image
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Thanks. It is actually Torrid Red. The lighting really F'd with the pictures. Love the Corvair!
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Hey Man thanks for the comment. Love the corvairs. One of the great Ralph Nader Haters. What a Dork he was. Thanks Carl
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Hey just noticed the comment you left on my friends page about you trying out rallycross. Good luck! I did it in my Monte Carlo with bald tires and did very well believe it or not.
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Thanks for looking at my miata. You have an amazing collection of cars smile image The porsche boxter is an amazing machine. I'll be adding my 1982 Datsun 720 restoration up soon.
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Thanks for the comment on my Fat Rat. I like the Corvair, nothing better than summer fun in a classic drop top!
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Thanks for the comment .. nice corvair! the opel looked like a beauty also!
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