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CorvairJim is bummed out. My 1966 Corvair, "Ashley" has been sold. — updated 8 years ago

  • Age: 55
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Norristown, Pennsylvania
    United States
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eat your heart out Ralph Nadder!!!!
MustangGT58266’s Profile Photo

thanks for the comments smile image
martz3d’s Profile Photo

Nice job on the 100 yr. album. You did good!
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Hey Jim. Howzit goin'? Street race? Only for idiots. That's why we have racetracks. It's a shame but some people streetrace because they won't spend the $$ for the required safety equipment to race legally.
chevycamino454ho’s Profile Photo

Oh yes it is Hell on wheels! and Fun! but gets me kinda upset when shes not working right and i break things lol
chevycamino454ho’s Profile Photo

Hey jim thanks for the comments! your corvair is looking really good!
rjohnson8084’s Profile Photo

Thanx for the comment and i agree while the 57 Chevy, Corvettes, Chevelle's are very cool in there own right there also very popular and other cars are dieing out and not getting the attention they so deserve the Corvairs are one of the many great cars out there!
Rick77’s Profile Photo

Jim, I grew up with a 1974 Laguna s3. Those were the best times in my life. I didn,t realize chevy made a Laguna station wagon. I continue to search for a s3 in great shape to this day. Awesome garage! Rick 77.
bas95firebird’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comment Jim. Like I said in the description we got it for practicably nothing, so maybe it's a little less of a big deal.
MuscleFreak’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comments! Yea the Law in PA never stopped me. All i did was use a install kit for a 3rd gen (82-90 per Grant) and pick out a wheel. I feel much safer without a bag trying to snap my neck smile image
My son loves cars, he's a real car guy himself! And the neighbors...well let's just say they got over the car since i got the blaster hahahahaha
Love your ride By the way! Hard to find one of those in such nice condition
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Nice Corvair!
jlanier75’s Profile Photo

I'm with ya on the Corvair man they are beastly smile image
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Thanks for the nice comments smile image
LEGIONNAIRE’s Profile Photo

I like your garage.
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Love the Corvairs...my parents had them when I was a kid. I remember a black sedan and later a white Monza, not sure of the years. My dad also had a red rampside pickup that I remember we used to haul our pony around in. He'd just walk up the ramp and you were good to go!
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Hi Thx for the add!!! U have one awesome garage!!
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The Kimberton Show is a great album Jim!
Easy to see why you try to attend every year!
Thanks for putting it up.
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You got some nice rides. smile image
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congrats on being the featured car jim
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hey thanks for all the comments big guy, already snapping pics for the next album...
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Great looking Corvair Jim. Sorry you no longer have Ashley.
cburke’s Profile Photo

thx so u got the 2,4 cobalt ss i wish gm would have turboed the 2.4
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Congratulations on winning our Challenge!
countryman’s Profile Photo

you have a very very nice car, She's a Beauty! I have a feeling your gonna win the challenge =)
forcefan49’s Profile Photo

i like the slides of your car thats so cool your was nice i no you will miss it like one of your family
forcefan49’s Profile Photo

i like the albums you send me and the pics thanks jim
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thanks for the trophy, I had a first cousin that had a convertible Corvair back in the 70's we had a fun time cruzing in it. I gave you a trophy also. Thanks again
brendanryan0510’s Profile Photo

awsome car almost bought a corvair up in cape cod while on a hockey trip for $1000 until me and my dad realized there was a gaping hole that was nearly the size of the bottom of the drivers seat that was just hidden by the seat
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Thankyou so much for all of the kind, fantastic comments!

I admire your knowledge in cars. I love how much thought you put into everything. I like that kind of input. It helps us a lot to see whether people like what we do or not.

Thanks again!


Jessica Marie
CorvairJim’s Profile Photo

When you iz big enuf to reach them peddles, son... biggrin image
scc24540’s Profile Photo

hey paw when do i get to drive the chebbies?
sloppyjos1’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the welcome. That corvair looks to be in awesome shape.
JessicaMarie’s Profile Photo

Thanks for all the comments on my 53'! I'll definitley make sure to keep posting pictures of it as we go along.
ninjababywickid’s Profile Photo

thanx my s.s waz sweet but i tolded it out last yearfrown image
forcefan49’s Profile Photo

like you pics they are nice
TheRomanFlame’s Profile Photo

Thanks, I'm actually moving to Florida and I wont be able to take it with me so.. I'm stuck with having to off it in the next two and a half weeks!
Grim’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the kind words, Jim! "Project Eileen" is in full swing now.
husker68007’s Profile Photo

you do know what nascar stands for right?

papa’s Profile Photo

hi corvairjim, some nice modelers cars ihave agrate set of them to if you like them i,ll sell all of them ihave about 40 of them
Sergeant_Major’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the kind words on my Cat. Yeah they bolted them together pretty good back then. Nothing like miles of sheet metal.
My first car was a 66 Corvair SS. With a paint can and brush paint job. Got it for $350. I'll never forget it. Wish I still had it. I think if Ralph Nader had one he would have enjoyed it as well.
You've got a wonderful looking car there. Keep it up!!

Check out my page on Car Domain

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thanks for the comment its appreciate a bunch =D when i get her back out again when the weather warms up i will have more pictures up hopefully your car is beautiful
NASCAR88’s Profile Photo

A pair of great cars! Thanks for your help in getting to know the website.
Tinkerbell’s Profile Photo

Thanks for your comment on my MX-5. I like your cars too, especially Ashley! She's so damn SEXY!
Suzi angel image
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1993lt1’s Profile Photo

i accept and nice cars u have very well taken care of
Akyashaa’s Profile Photo

I accepted yoru challenges, GL smile image Beautiful cars smile image
Trunk_Monkey’s Profile Photo

Thanks man! Dodge does offer a six speed. I couldn't find one that I wanted in a manuel transmission.
HotRod_Achieva’s Profile Photo

My buddy had one not as nice is your. I hear people say these cars are ugly but i think there sweet as hell.
toy71chevy’s Profile Photo

Nice Corvair havent seen one of them in a long time . Fun little ride.
mazdamp3’s Profile Photo

Love the Corvair. Had a 65 red Corsa in 1969. Wish I had it now!
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