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  • Age: 38
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Orlando, Florida
    United States
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Zofo61’s Profile Photo

What up.....my Brutha....Time to get that V8 singing?? We got BEERS to drain !!....
cookinSSS’s Profile Photo

This SS looks EXCELLENT!!!!!
juststickit124’s Profile Photo

nice car. I don't know what starting the monte vs cobalt hating, they are all great cars. Keep it real thanks!
Yamma’s Profile Photo

Nice MC! i love what you did with the SS emblems!
SilverBullet04SS’s Profile Photo

Hey Man, Yup I made it! Glad to see we're getting a big reaction from 2KMC. Lovin the ride!! Later homie
1_BAD_NBM_SS’s Profile Photo

Thats a hot SS. Im starting to like them alot more now.
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