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  • Age: 56
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Charlotte, North Carolina
    United States
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orange82’s Profile Photo

Nice car and a cute kid in the car seat, 5*
Rocket442’s Profile Photo

I doubt it'll ever leave my sight, but if it does I'll keep you in mind.

And same goes for you, I'm in the running for a new SS or WS6 so let me know
Phantompooper’s Profile Photo

2nd place this month, 1st next. wink image
SVT_ETR’s Profile Photo

thanks my good buddy! as do you! =]
DELETED’s Profile Photo

Nice win on that challenge!!! You would think my corsica would of had 0 votes.. hahah... at least someone loves me!! Nice win!!
Kolin’s Profile Photo

Love your Camaro. I was wondering do you like your Borla cat back system because I was looking at buying it or mabye Flowmasters for my Camaro.
andylynn67’s Profile Photo

Sharp 4th gen SS with nice mods and no over kill.
Still not sure what schnitz means!!
ChevEE’s Profile Photo

I don't remember when or where, but I do remember your tag. I'm up in the University area...
ChevEE’s Profile Photo

Nice SS. I Think I've seen you a few times on the street. Very nice!
kwondo1967’s Profile Photo

Very nice looking Camaro.
Mr_Squeelerz’s Profile Photo

Everything about your car makes me drool. You have a true jewel on your hands. Nice upgrade on the Koni's! Keep up the good work.
Bowtie_Z28’s Profile Photo

I will talk to Matt and see what we can get worked out, you planning on BG this year?
wilde1988’s Profile Photo

The SS is looking great Marty.
Bowtie_Z28’s Profile Photo

Sometime we really need to hookup and do something Marty! Matt and I are so close to you I still don't know why we haven't done anything yet!
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