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  • Age: 45
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Downingtown, PA
    United States
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Nice car.
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watup sean d00d? hell beast is looking hella sweet
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thanks for the add that Monte has potential!
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thanks for link gave me ideas.mc78ttop
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hahaha that wouldnt have been good... no licence with a car that nice.... thats torture.... yeha once i get everything fixed up im in... ittl give me something to keep me out of trouble.... i looked at some of theevents and that one thats every last friday seems like a good one for me to go to.... saturday i have football games and i work at a night club so thats a lil hard for me.... but fridays are great... ill see if i can get some info about the shows up here.... i know theres a real big one in macungie every year that youm might know of but ill try to find out whats goin on around here....
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yeha i saw on the frapper that theres a few guys that are close to me... and an hour and a half??? what kinda car are you drivin??? must be a pony!! hahaha i can make it down there in 45 easily... half if i push it!! haha
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hey add me to the monte carlo club for pa... just let me know when everything is goin down cuz i got a lot of work to do on it before road trips..
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