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you're my hero chad smile image
Daniel_K_Munroe’s Profile Photo

Great looking Camaro!
DeVAsTatOR’s Profile Photo

That is one tight looking Camaro.
FordGirlGoneBad’s Profile Photo

Great looking f-bodies you have there! I've got quite a garage full myself...newest is a 2000 T/A LS1 6-speed...all black, lol. I have the WS9 Outlaw hood on it though...no pics right now, but as soon as I have them I'll start a new album. So far I only have three in albums, only two more to go -- is there a 12-step program for this kind of addiction!
Str8upChevy’s Profile Photo

Hey Chad, I actually found a house in Southern Oregon that I can afford, so I'm happy to say that I no longer need to sell the Camaro. I removed the listing here, but it will take a few weeks to be removed from Traderonline. It's all good my Friend!
Unknown’s Profile Photo

Just now getting back to your comment... lol.

The LS2 pulls harder than the LS1. With the cam and other mods I have the car pulls hard up to 7.1k RPM's.

I like the LS1 you got. Good idea on sound deadening the whole thing. It is needed in the f-bodies.
C_J_’s Profile Photo

Nice looking cars! Where did you get the grille for the 99?
gray89vert’s Profile Photo

yeah i did. haha so whats up chadwick?
CamaroChica’s Profile Photo

to very fast lookin camaros! love em!
Mr_Squeelerz’s Profile Photo

Very nice 99! Probably one of my all time favorites! I remember seeing those photos a while ago. Just awesome! I actually bought my White Z from a buddy of mine in Kenosha.
skrout327’s Profile Photo

NICE! why have one when you can have 2 lol both are sweet rides, good work
wilde1988’s Profile Photo

Awesome man. Those are two B/A camaro's you've got there.
kwondo1967’s Profile Photo

Gruesome twosome! Very nice.
JPack’s Profile Photo

Hey Chad Glad you made it over. For those that don't know, Chad runs an great F body site. I encourage everyone to check it out. Great people and great cars.
Grillrd’s Profile Photo

Thanks man. Those camaros are absolutely sick.
z28camarocarri’s Profile Photo

Hey Chad!!! smile image thanks for the vote. I want to see your camaro in person so I hope you can make it to a GTG!!!!
Str8upChevy’s Profile Photo

What up Chad! I'm glad to see you made it over. Now we just need to get a few more of the guys to come over and give the Project some more exposure!! I'm glad you posted the '94 as well, cuz man-o-man that's still one of my favorite looking 4th Gens of all time!!

Later Bro ~
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