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scc24540 is a new look? same sucky site — updated 3 years ago

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kidcope1969’s Profile Photo

nice garage.....
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awesome garage...............................geno
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your chevy is still the smoothest thing out there. don't worry about your image, it is still safe here.
sarahb20’s Profile Photo

Sounds like you have had one hell of a time with that car. I've been there. My old beretta did mos tof the same things. I just couldn't afford to fix her. Your's is really nice though. Keep her looking good!
MN12’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comment. That red MonteCarlo looks nice too. Good luck with your car.
BigNuttyPaul’s Profile Photo

thanks for the comment. great looking monte you have. it looks really good you do good work.
4speed’s Profile Photo

thanks for the comment on my 79. yours is sweet to
84ss_stock_4_now’s Profile Photo

thanks for checking out my monte thats a nice monte you have also.
hollywoodnc’s Profile Photo

Was this car used in "Back to the Future"? (lol)
I like the lighting effects.
ChAdDy_FrEsH’s Profile Photo

thanks, i like what youve done with yours. BaD AsS
Gun_Girl’s Profile Photo

Are you on Montecarloforum.com? Your username looks familar
Thugbuster’s Profile Photo

Nice.... The lights adds to the car...
icestorm’s Profile Photo

nice car
khyle’s Profile Photo

Very nice car, thanks for the comment. The neons give it a great look.
Couch’s Profile Photo

Amazing ride as always chris. trophy belongs here for sure.
Thugbuster’s Profile Photo

Hey man. The 72 Monte is my Sons... I posted the comment on my page instead of his... I will be helping him though, so we will have some pics coming... Later........
XTINCT’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the words man! I'll start final assembly on the engine in about a week. So it wont be long and she'll be pounding the pavement!
ANTAR’s Profile Photo

Yeah well i don't have 2 of them any more but thank's 4 the comment
Razgriz81’s Profile Photo

thanks for the comment. you dont hava a bad looking monte either. I really like the spoiler on it, something diffrent right
rj_’s Profile Photo

Thank U, Chris.

chevy66babe’s Profile Photo

Old Chevy saying hi to new Chevy. My family was Chevy all the way.
muscleorbust’s Profile Photo

Thanks. yea it is a good platform. i just hope that I can get the title problem fixed so I can keep the car. If not I do have another Plymouth foudn to replace it. Like the Monte, I have a w-body (pontiac grand prix) too.
CobaltSE’s Profile Photo

very nice album
biggrin image
Ronman’s Profile Photo

Thanks man, nice truck you got, gotta love the short bed side step.
rj_’s Profile Photo

Chris, how ya doing buddy? How's living at the beach? Wish I was in your shoes.
06_MonteLT’s Profile Photo

thanks man, ive got some big plans for her, just gotta get the money to do it...
blackbeauty89’s Profile Photo

thanks man. i like yours too. it's unique i haven't seen a 5th gen dressed up like that. its pretty badass
z34xxx’s Profile Photo

I'm not currently home but I will send pics when I can

the exaust is by milzymotorsports, 3 inch downpipe to a magnaflow high flow cat to a single 2.5inch twister race muffler mandrel bent/split to the side. It works, just a little loud

milzymotorsports.com can do a good setup for a real fair price
blinkSS’s Profile Photo

Much appreciated man. I can't wait to mod this baby up. I want her to be one of the baddest 6th gen's out there, eventually. I've spent $2000 on it this month so I can't wait til everything comes in and gets installed. I do miss the 99 though sometimes. You have a sharp looking car too, I want that trophy haha.
K1M_and_J1M’s Profile Photo

Looking Mean & Clean as always!
Can't wait to see the new upgrades you have planned for it!
Keep us posted!
ns_monte48’s Profile Photo

you have one of the nicest monte's on here! love everything about it. I loved the 6th gens so i said i go back and get a 5th gen....the 5th gen is more fun to drive....and why dose my 97 ls smoke the tires so good? it's insane!!!!
mystiemf’s Profile Photo

Thanks for the comment! You have some awesome rides too!
mzsuz2u’s Profile Photo

Can't....my ride is getting ready to go in the shop for some cosmetic improvements. Putting on the Stalker 2 body kit, new paint job, and ghost flames. He will be out of commission for at least 3 weeks :-( My 1st big show after getting him out of the shop will be down at South of the Border on April 12th. Anywho, HOW HAVE YOU BEEN??? Miss you....
fastSSmonte’s Profile Photo

saw you on car domain.sweet ride you got.
NTMID8R’s Profile Photo

nutn much bro, not ready for the trade yet lol.
2000_BLACK_SS’s Profile Photo

I got the LEDs from the sponser on the montecarlofurom.com. the Subs i got off ebay.
thejudge’s Profile Photo

great cars
don't be so shy speak up
THGO18’s Profile Photo

yo, ya it took me awhile, but i finally made it, since rmr doesnt look like its coming back
DeRaNgEd’s Profile Photo

Not much man just bored and thought I would give his place a go, wanted to update some of my RMRer's on some New mods I got in store smile image
KALSS’s Profile Photo

Hey bro i saw that challenge, Why are people going to rag on someones personal style thats what custimizing is all about making it yours not someone elses. Dont let them rattle you they are the ones with the problem.
KALSS’s Profile Photo

Love the Optimus Prime And MechaTron window vinyls. I have the same Lund spoiler on my toneau cover on my truck.
Cool_Blue’s Profile Photo

Yo! Whats up man! ^5
TheBarnHouse’s Profile Photo

thanks man... you got nice rides yourself
CSI_Missouri_Prez’s Profile Photo

you have some nice rides. What does SCC stand for? cuz when I first saw it I thought it stood for somebody I know in St. Charles. Anyway, I'll have to get some pics of my 85' Z28 up on here. (no longer owned). It needed a paint job, but it had its perks ;-) maybe we can challenge! Talk atcha later! Curt
Repo’s Profile Photo

5 stars for your garage
orange82’s Profile Photo

Nice Car, 5*
TunerWorldStreet’s Profile Photo

Cant wait to see the 6 12's install thats going to be crazy.... good luck.
IntimadatorSquizz’s Profile Photo

damn i want in on the hot tub also .i've got the beer..lmao
rj_’s Profile Photo

Chris, is the hot tub going to open for rental? you know incase I want to have a private party? Me and 10 or so of the hottest babes I'm friends with? (HA!)
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