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  • Age: 29
  • Gender: M
  • Address: Ravenna, Nebraska
    United States
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You were at the races? Shoulda came up and said, "Hi!" The car actually ran like ****... the worst it has since we've had it. It SHOULD run low 8's, but since we blew the engine a month ago, things aren't right. Very very disappointing. Gonna come back sometime?
1997cobraFHS’s Profile Photo

good challenge man... congrats
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like that color on the stang. You get it painted or did it come off the Line that way? Elevation sucks lol,i wish i was at sea level also.
Scottie’s Profile Photo

Help me out vote for black haze
Mustang_John’s Profile Photo

Nice mustang we should race some time.
Allie’s Profile Photo

i want your 70 stang
95_Stang_302_GT’s Profile Photo

i dont really drag im more into drifting and autocross so under 30 mph i really dont have a lot of balls but once i get my parts installed ill prolly take it to the track just to see what it runs
93_z28’s Profile Photo

I gotta tell ya man, as much as I hate Fords, that "enforcer" and "70 stang" are pretty ****ing sweet
Merk’s Profile Photo

yah, i'm "from" kearney, call it my home town, lived there till i was 7ish, although i've been here for a long time now

most of my family lives in lincoln or omaha, but my dad lives out at johnson lake by lexington, still have a lot of friends in kearney
t_schrizzle8’s Profile Photo

youre hung like a bull
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Thanks Bro.
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Thanks for the comment. And to answer your question... the tails are just the stock tails off a black stang. I need to repaint them though. And saleens are to hard to find, which is why I went with normal tails.

Love the GT btw, looks great. It would look even better with some new wheels. Wish I could give you ideas on what to get. You got a hard color to match with. You should consider some Cobra's though. I guess chrome always looks good.
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google a search for 1/4 mile altitude corrections and it should bring up a few websites with some tables that will help you convert your times. Hope that I could help!
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What's your elevation?
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cool ponys! both are strait
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Hey man, yeah I've got some time slips, I'm not going to go full blow with them but I was cutting only a 2.4 60' ft. with a 15.5 at 91.25 MPH at 6000 ft. elevation and it was about 92 degrees out side. So let's figure about a 14.0-14.2 at 97-98 mph. How about you, any time slips?
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Beautiful 5.0, come check out my page, and join mustangforums.com!
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u got urself some nice ponys there for such a young man
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