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wrh3’s Garage comment

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BugeyeRX’s Profile Photo

This garage rocks thanks.
BugeyeRX’s Profile Photo

Good taste!!!!!!!!
chevelle69’s Profile Photo

cool garage ...............geno
ElCaminoKid’s Profile Photo

Wow, Awesome Garage! Lots of cool cars!
cruz94’s Profile Photo

are u a vw guy or what
(nice beamer!)
lizardbird98’s Profile Photo

i love bmw's except for that damn mouse control on the arm rest for the ac and heat, and the radio. kind of annoying but i love those car. i drive one every year for their breast cancer drive awsome cars.
TCberetta3400’s Profile Photo

I love the pic of the samurai on the rock!
wrh3’s Profile Photo

The acronym probably did apply to the Rover motored cars, now that they have a Toyota drivetrain they are jsut as reliable as a Corolla ;-)
scarsgo’s Profile Photo

Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious. Sweet ride for sure... you've got great taste in cars!

Here is a teaser for you... ;-)

wrh3’s Profile Photo

HWY 129, it's a day trip for me and I have been 2 times in the past two months, one family excursion in the R and me and my son in the Lotus.....must be nice living close enough to go every weekend wink image
wrh3’s Profile Photo

Definitely, always nice to meet people with the same enthusiasm for cars.
Intoxicating’s Profile Photo

yes , i have lots of pics.are you ever at hwy 129 ? ? im out there every weekend.. youll be seeing the rado there
DUBWEISER’s Profile Photo

Then we've probably met at some point and time. Hopefully we will get to meet again.
wrh3’s Profile Photo

I have met some of the guys at TNDubs at VW shows and have been to a few DurtyDubs meets as well....
DUBWEISER’s Profile Photo

Ever heard of TNDubs or DurtyDubs. Only reason I'm asking is because you have owned or do own so many nice vw's. Also, that's a nice Lotus, how bout giving me a shot at it sometime.
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