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 ‘90 RX-7 of Merritt Nord The MC is North America's oldest and largest club for all Mazdas vehicles. The Club was founded in 1988 and offers color magazines, emagazines, technical advice, member recommendations on service, body and parts sources, registration of your Mazda, a tradition of service and FREE member classified ads that appear in the Only Way magazine AND on the MC website on the Internet (http://www.mazdaclub.com).

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(top photo: ‘90 RX-7 of Merritt Nord)

Rob Thomas, President

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Classified Ads


1983 Mazda RX-7, Limited Edition. Chateau silver, burgundy. Good condition. Approximately 100,000 miles - body and chassis. Approximately 20,000 miles - factory rebuilt engine. Kept in garage. Repainted/pinstriped. Original parts. $6,000 - negotiable. MUST SELL. 908-768-7932. NJ

1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL 1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL, 38,000 miles (original engine), garage kept, Silver, leather red interior, sunroof, cruise control, air conditioning, 5 speed manual transmission. More pictures available. $7500 or best offer. Contact: patpetroff@aol.com

1985 RX-7 1985 RX-7. Red, 5 speed, all original, multi trophy winner, true showroom condition. Many pics available. Send email if you are serious and I will forward the pics. Asking $6800.00. This car is worth more $. It is in new original condition. email: toronado1972@aol.com , ph: 541-846-6622.

1988 Mazda RX-7 GTU. Sunrise red, 17,350 miles, 5-speed transmission 13B twin rotor 6 port induction engine. Factory installed special racing-type 4 piston fixed caliper front disc brakes, limited-slip differential, AM/FM stereo radio, 100-watt amplifier, window sticker, owner’s manual, sales brochure. Garage kept. Well maintained. Pristine condition. 847-634-1412. Ask for Greg. $7,900.00 OBO.

1994 racing RX-7 Turbo in excellent condition. Rebuilt engine, new turbo, 360 HP. SCCA logbook, ITE. Dan at 269-207-0913. MI *


Convertible parts: 1989-2005 one piece top, fixed vinyl window - original material - black or tan $189. One piece top, fixed glass window $260. Rain rail $110. Hold down cables $35/pr. Hydro-E-Lectric at 941-639-0437, or www.hydroe.com .

Mazda MX-5 Miata 17" wheels, set of 4: 2006-2010 17" OEM factory alloy wheels (from 2007 @10K miles); $650 + shipping for all; includes caps, lug nuts, locks and key (no tires); photos available; e-mail: callmrdj@msn.com or phone 703-437-0434 (Northern Virginia).

Brand new door lock cylinder with 2 keys for most late 70’s-early 90’s Mazdas. Email me with car info so I can check to see if it will work. whittingtontexas@yahoo.com  $25 (paid $50).

Factory Mazda Shop Manuals, Wiring Diagrams & Owners Manuals. NINE HUNDRED different Mazda book & manual titles available & in stock for sale starting at $6 and up. Alex Voss, 4850 37th Ave. So., Seattle, WA 98118, 206-721-3077, alex@books4cars.com .

Mazda original sales brochures, showing all models except RX-7; ALL PRICES PER YEAR. 1970 - ‘75, $18; 1976 - present, $15. Also 1979 - ‘92 RX-7 color catalogs, $18; 1993 same, $30. 1993 RX7 factory printed hard cover book, history of RX7 and development of 1993 motor, $35. Add $4.95 shipping to all orders. Walter Miller, 6710 Brooklawn, Syracuse, NY 13211. 315-432-8282. fax: 315-432-8256. www.autolit.com . *

Parts for your Mazda at http://partssearch.mazdaclub.com. Also parts most other vehicles! (in each issue)


None in this issue.


AUTOBAHN COUNTRY CLUB, CHICAGO IL: VACANT COMMERCIAL LOT FOR SALE below market rate at Chicago's best known private race club (http://www.autobahncountryclub.net/ ).  Members pay dues and fees in return for use of the race track and facilities and can partake in a variety races and events at the club.  Buyers must become a club member, subject to clubs qualifications/restrictions. Call Fritz for details: 312-564-1147.

Swap meet ads are free to MC members.  Ads appear on our website, in the printed OnlyWay and in the emailed eOnlyWay. For others and for commercial suppliers the rate is $10.00 for 35 words or less.  See more info in the AD RATES area of our website.  (* appeared in last issue)

Events Calendar

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message board at http://board.mazdaclub.com

Featured Car

90 RX-7 of Merritt Nord

This is the ‘90 RX-7 of Merritt Nord. He bought it from a person who worked at the Department of Labor and has given it new custom paint and top.

'90 RX-7 of Merritt Nord '90 RX-7 of Merritt Nord '90 RX-7 of Merritt Nord

In the News!

2012 Mazda 5
by Michael Austin from Car & Driver

2012 Mazda 5 Don’t be alarmed if you’re not too familiar with the Mazda5. After all, Mazda only sold about 16,000 in 2010. Chrysler sold as many Town & Country minivans every two months last year, but Mazda’s is still an impressive feat considering that the 5 has almost zero marketing support.

So let us reintroduce the Mazda 5, which has been updated for the 2012 model year with new sheetmetal, a new engine, and a new dash. For those buyers enlightened enough to spec a manual transmission in their tiny van—only about 5 percent of U.S 5 adopters—the 5’s five-speed is replaced by a six-speed for 2012. Unfortunately, the van tested here was equipped with an automatic. Mazda says this mini-minivan is aimed at young families looking to move up from an economy car but who don’t want the high sticker price or sluggish handling of a bigger van—given that narrow niche, the 5 would probably sell in small numbers even if it did receive marketing support. The fully loaded Grand Touring model we tested—sunroof, automatic xenon headlights, heated power mirrors, Sirius satellite radio, leather seats (heated in front)—comes in under the magic $25,000 limbo stick, at $24,670.

No Hiding the Stowaway

But wait, isn’t this the same pitch Ford gives for the upcoming C-Max? Although both vehicles can trace their underpinnings back to the same Ford global C-platform, neither company admits to much collusion. They’re clearly different vehicles, as evidenced by the Mazda’s second-row center console that folds into the right-side seat bottom. In the C-Max, it’s the middle seat that folds in exactly the same way. Suspiciously similar stowage aside, the vans at least look nothing alike. The 5 gets new front styling with a smiley-face grille, just like those on the Mazda 2 and 3. And its sides now feature the “sand ripple” creases first seen on the Nagare concept car. In the back, horizontal taillights replace the vertical stalks of the old 5.

Inside, the same three-row, six-passenger seating configuration remains. Noticeably absent is the option for navigation, as Mazda says its customers would rather buy a $100 portable nav unit than suffer the higher price of a factory piece. We’re still a little bit skeptical of this plan when the big players in the small-car field are offering more luxury and features than the segment has ever seen before. On the C-Max, for example, Ford plans to offer everything but the kitchen sink—Ford Sync will be available, though—including power side doors and a power hatch. We do expect, however, that such options would push the C-Max’s sticker well above the 5’s maximum. A C-Max equipped like the 5 tested here should price out similarly.

Four-Cylinder 5

Under the hood, the Mazda 5 freshens up with a 2.5-liter inline-four similar to that in the 3, 6, and CX-7. Compared to the outgoing 2.3-liter, the 2.5 has 4 more hp—157—at a power peak 500 rpm earlier, at 6000. Torque increases 15 lb-ft to 163 and also tops out 500 rpm lower, at 4000. Highway fuel economy inches up 1 mpg to 28, although our as-tested result of 23 is closer to the 21-mpg city figure. On the test track, the new vanlet runs from 0 to 60 mph in nine seconds flat and covers the quarter-mile in 17.1 at 82 mph. It’s far from blistering, but 0.4 second quicker to 60 than before.

The Mazda 5 handles better than the meager steady-state cornering figure of 0.81 g would suggest. Turn the steering wheel and the front tires change your path without delay. All of the controls and responses are in harmony, making it easy (and fun) to wring the most out of the Mazda 5. When’s the last time you wanted to wring anything but your own neck in a minivan?

A Mazda 5 with a manual would be quicker, of course, and less expensive, too—the manual is only available in the $19,990 Sport model. More important, its mere availability is a reminder that Mazda is one of the few brands that continues to cater to people who care about driving. That mindset is evident even in the slushbox-equipped 5 that we tested. Most of the fun of the Mazda 3 is here, only with about 500 extra pounds. So, while the Mazda 5 isn’t the Miata of minivans—nothing really is—it is a reminder that family hauling doesn’t mean you have to give up on fun driving.

2012 CX-5

2012 Mazda CX-5

There are rumors about Mazda planning to build the CX-5 compact SUV for the past 3-4 years.  The news has become more obvious when Britain’s Autocar magazine, unnamed but senior sources at Mazda have let slip that the new model will be named CX-5 and  to enter the increasingly popular compact SUV segment.

The report show that the CX-55 will have  styling inspiration from the Nagare-inspired Kazamai concept revealed in 2008,although Mazda official said that Mazda 5 compact MPV will be last car that build from Nagare design language. The concept looked like a cross between a sports car and an SUV.

The 2012 Mazda CX-5 is part of the new “One Ford” global product plan that aims to harmonize the company’s various models around far fewer platforms and components. The idea is to develop vehicles that can be built and sold most anywhere in the world without expensive alterations for individual markets. the car will based on Ford kuka platform.

The car will be first car powered by the new generation of ultra efficient Sky engines, Sky-G petrol and Sky-D diesel engines, paired with the new Sky-drive automatic transmission.

It seems that Mazda wants to take on the new Land Rover Evoque and promises to make the new CX-5 with at least 100 kg lighter than its rivals. The new car is expected to feature stop-start tech and brake regeneration which will provide a 30% increase in fuel economy.

The car will arrive in late 2011.

Questions and Answers

Please note: Questions and answers are provided for information and advice purposes. No liability either express or implied is assumed by reliance on the information presented either by the writers or the MC.

Some or all of the below is from our message board at http://board.mazdaclub.com and this is just a part of what appears there and in the member magazine.

Also be sure to see our message board on our website for immediate help from fellow members.

Q: I wanted to know if anyone could help me out. I own a 1989 Mazda RX-7 (auto) and it seems to flood from time to time. I wanted to know what is the best way to fix it after it has been flooded, instead of always towing it to the mechanics?

Any Suggestions?


A: Take out the plugs and remove all the moisture using ATF fluid to get rid of all the gas, as removing the plugs and letting it dry won't do it (usually). Go to your local auto parts store and pick up a new set of spark plugs.

What I did when my '87 got flooded was to take out the spark plugs and cranked the car over a few times (make sure you put the plug wires well out of the way so they don't spark onto any wires close by). When you crank it, you'll be able to hear a pfffft'ing sound over and over again. Then, look at the top of your throttle body. Where it says "13B Fuel Injection", there will be 3 hoses (at least on my '87, not sure about the '89's). Pull off the biggest hose and pour in about a teaspoon of ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). Crank it a few times just to move the ATF around in the chambers (yes it will be spit out the plug holes as you haven't replaced the plugs yet). After cranking a few times (not for very long, just a second or two each time), then replace the spark plugs with the OLD plugs that you have cleaned off to the best of your ability. Crank it over until it catches and fires up (there should be quite a bit of smoke). LET IT RUN FOR 15 mins to make sure all the ATF is burned off. You can drive around if you wish. Shortly thereafter, replace the spark plugs and crank it up. Everything should be good to go. Good luck.


Q: I have a 2003 Miata and I just installed and balanced new tires. At around 60mph, I get a little shake that disappears and does not come back at higher speeds, slow back down to 60 and it comes back again, it was there before the new tires. I was hoping that would clear it up. Any ideas?


A: Speed sensitive shakes are mostly balance issues. Maybe a bent rim, bad brake rotor, even a missing stud. Also its possible that your engine rev makes something resonate at that speed. Try the same speed with different rev (change gear), but this is not likely.


Upkeep and Performance Hints

Winter Car Care
by Jim Pyatt

My process for a winter wash has 6 steps and is vital during the winter season. Winter can be a challenge. It's essential that you loosen the dirt on the car with a thorough rinsing.

Step 1 - Engine Compartment, Wheel Wells, Wheels & Tires

With hot water, blast any dirt and mud away from the cowling and engine area. Be careful not to spray the electronics. We are not detailing the compartment, just performing maintenance. We will address engine detailing in the spring. Using the hose, blast mud and salt away from the wheel wells. If necessary, also use your gloves to dislodge caked on mud and salt. Blast until you see a clean stream of water emerging from underneath.

Blast mud and salt from all areas of your undercarriage which you can reach, especially under bumpers and the like. Wheels come in many styles, including polished aluminum, chromed steel, clear-coated aluminum, and painted. No matter what variety you have, brake dust and salt and mud make them difficult to clean. If your wheels have plastic covers or hubcaps, remove them before you begin cleaning. Soak hubcaps in warm soapy water; this will make cleaning easier.

Spray cleaner and scrub wheels and tires thoroughly with soapy water. Use a brush to agitate and remove stubborn mud and salt I use an old toothbrush to reach into tight spots and intricate designs. Use the hose-sprayer attachment to rinse off the soap & dirt.

Step 2 - Surface Soaking

Using your hose with no attachment, start at the top of the car and rinse the dirt with a moderate stream of water from top to bottom. Spray a light mist of water, using your thumb, over the body surface to soak the film of dirt, salt, dust, and grime that has accumulated on the paint finish. By leaving the water to soak for a minute or two, much of the dirt will easily float off the car when you go to wash it.

Never use a pressure washer! It will grind the dirt into the clearcoat and leave micromarring (swirls). It acts like a sandblaster used to remove paint. Now we sure don't want that!

Step 3 - First Washing

After thoroughly rinsing the car, you are ready to get the bulk of the remaining dirt. This is a multistage wash. Use quality car-wash soap. One of the keys is to keep the paint surface wet at all times. Recruit a friend to help. They can keep the water running on the surface at all times.

One reason for swirls is washing with dirty water. Avoid swirls by using a water filtration system like the Dirtguard auto wash system. Start on the top and work in 3x3-foot small areas dipping your brush into the dirtgard bucket. Rub the brush against the insert frequently. This acts like a washboard, removing the dirt from your brush. Rinse each area with water before proceeding to the next area. Absolutely never let the car dry. Keep wetting it down all the time. On an extremely dirty, average-size car, I will use 4 to 5 buckets of soap and water. When you have finished, rinse out the bucket and filter. You are now ready to proceed.

Step 4 - Rinsing

Using your hose fitted with your nozzle set at medium stream, start with the top and work down rinsing all the dirt and soap off.

Step 5 Second Washing

Slip your mitts on your hands. They should fit like a glove. Rinse and rub the sponge/mitt regularly on the insert in your Dirtguard. You don't want dirt to accumulate on the mitt and scratch the paint.

Step 6 - Final Rinse

Using your hose fitted with no nozzle, free flow the water over the vehicle starting with the top, and it will practically dry itself. The effect of a stream from the hose causes the water to sheet off; using a nozzle causes the water to bead, leaving more water on the surface. Do a test both ways, and you will see the difference: simply amazing!

Step7 - Drying

Immediately after washing the vehicle, open and close all doors, the trunk, and other parts of the car with locks several times before parking it (this will eliminate water freezing in locks in extreme cold). Drying is also one of the reasons you end up with swirls if you don't do it correctly.

Use a synthetic chamois. Lay the chamois on a panel and pull water away. I find natural chamois dry out, and the smell is appalling.

Use a leaf blower to blow water from the cowling, mirrors, grills, lights, power antenna, and any accessories that hold water. Open all doors and hatches. Thoroughly blow around the inside of the door and trunk.

Periodically apply a good silicone spray to all weather stripping during freezing weather.

Lastly use a waffle-weave microfiber towel to dry any remaining water. I like to use a clean dry microfiber towel and wipe down with a spray wax like Meguiar's to give me that just waxed shine. I can perform this wash in about an hour for an average-size car; you should be able to get this project done in an hour to an hour and a half.

Jim Pyatt at jjimpyatt@aol.com 

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