Motortopia: Where Your Passion Parks

Name Title Address Contact Dues Expire Notes
Name Title Address Contact Dues Expire Notes
Baldwin, Kieth Vice President Jan 1, 2010 Kieth has been a n outstanding member since it's conception, thats why he's the Vice President of the Club!
Hard, REV. Founder & Sr. President Private
London, Ohio 43140
United States
  • 614-256-0106
Nov 20, 2008 I Founded this club back in 2003, we are a comunity oriented Club that belives in giving back to the people support us.
Motto: Race the Strip not the Streets,just one life lost is one to many!
Stay safe
HERE IS A LINK to our Craig's List Site: Give it a peek!
Johnson, Bob President Jan 1, 2020 Bob Is a close friend that has given me a lot of guidence, I've been fortunate to call him friend.