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Monzter Racing

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  • Mark Francis, Owner
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Est. 2009




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From Mild to Wild or Show to Go !!! What are you looking for in performance?

The only requirements for my group is to have a passion for raw horsepower or just looking good at a car show or cruise. If you love the sounds of open headers or deep toned exhaust from a ground shaking, heart pounding motor or maybe the smell of burnt rubber and race fuel then this is the place for you. If you have a nack or desire for building engines, chassis, body work, etc... that makes it more fun !! Even if you are just into a nicely customized street rod or muscle car. Talk out some ideas with members or get help building that dream car you always wanted.

I just started a part time business rebuilding High Performance engines. I have over 23 years experience building motors and street/strip cars. I fabricate/install roll cages, custom chassis and tin work for Pro Street/Strip cars. I can do custom engine dress up for show cars and I have new and used parts for sale. I also do basic mechanical work. I have a 17 year ASE Certified Mechanic helping me out that also placed 2nd in the nation in trouble shooting years ago.

I can do virtual engine and chassis dyno simulations using state of the art computer programs. Turbos, blowers, carburated, fuel injected, Nitrous Oxide, etc.. on the engine dyno. I use this to build all my custom motors. Then for the chassis dyno I can simulate 1/8th and 1/4 mile passes etc figureing out tire size, gear ratio, trans, convertors, etc... Lots of information needs to be given if you are requesting a printout of a specific combination you already have or would like to build. THINK YOU REALLY KNOW YOUR HP AND TQ OR ET AND MPH JUST BY GUESSING? See how accurate your guess really is. You might be surprised how right or wrong you are !!!

I mig weld, some body work like fiberglass installation, custom interior work, paint small items, glass and plastic media blasting, install lexan, metal fabrication of aluminum and steel both, race ignitions, complete custom wiring, transmission installation, fuel systems, Nitrous Oxide installation, brake systems, etc.. Most of all custom motor design and building is my passion.

Actual motor dyno sessions can be scheduled for half days or full days only for a fee locally. If you need help at the track I can attend a days event for tuning and chassis help only by scheduling as well.

I am trying to start a one stop budget racers garage. The most common thing I come across when people are trying to build street/strip motors themsleves is they do not properly match their parts. My engine dyno lets me do this with thousands of options on cams, carbs, exhaust, etc... I can spend days on the computer desiging a motor for the output you are looking for but in the long run it is worth every bit of it.

All my machine work is done by one machinist locally that has earned every bit of my machine work. In the motor business I have learned " YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ! " Most machine shops are overwhelmed with the machining aspect and do not like to get into custom motors as this takes many hours to do and they just don't have the time to give you the best motor you can get. I know I have tried that route before. Plus the bill once they are done will literally blow you away!!

All my work is set up by appointment only and you must call for rates. I will only give you work I would use in my own cars and buildups. If it is good enough for my rides then it should be good enough for yours. Check out my garage here on motortopia and my albums of motors and my cars I own and cars in work. I will be adding pics as I find them.


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