Below is a list of the most common questions we get about Motortopia. If you don't see your question on here, please contact us so we can help you out.

What is Motortopia?

Motortopia is an online community for motor enthusiasts to network and share related information. You can view photos, connect with fellow enthusiasts, judge or participate in challenges, read members' blog posts, vote on members' vehicles, sell and find parts and more.

Content on Motortopia is closely moderated to keep the site free of profanity and spam. Motortopia is free, all you have to do is register and you can begin using the site.

Does it cost anything to join?

Nope. Memberships are free at Motortopia.

How do I sign up?

Click "Register" on the home page of Motortopia and follow the sign-up process. If you are ready to get registered now, click here.

How do I invite fellow enthusiasts to sign up?

Just click the "invite" menu item at the top of each page. Enter the email addresses for the enthusiasts you would like to invite and click the "send" button. Once the fellow enthusiasts join they will automatically be added as your friend.

I've joined and invited people. How do I find more friends?

ou can use the "Find" buttons at the top of each page to find people, vehicles, and parts. While browsing Motortopia, you can always click on someone's photo to view their garage. When you come across a fellow enthusiast you want to befriend, click the "add to friends" link on their garage. They will be notified of your friend request. If the member chooses to accept your request, you will receive an email notification and you will automatically be added to each others' friend list.

How do I accept someone else's friend request?

When someone else requests to be your friend, you will receive an email (if you have system notifications enabled) notifying you of their request. Simply log in to your garage, and you will see them show up at the beginning of your friends list with a red "Pending" banner on their picture. You can click the check mark in the upper right corner of their picture to accept their friend request, and you will be added to each other's friend lists. To reject their friend request, click on the "X" in the upper left corner of their picture. If you want to view their garage before you make a decision, simply click on their photo. You can then return to your garage at any time and accept or reject their request.

Who can see my real name?

Your real name is never displayed to other users on Motortopia. Instead, your username is always displayed. The exception is when you send an invitation to someone to join the site, your real name and email address appears in the "from" portion of the email, and your first name appears in the email itself.

What is my username?

Your username is like a screen name or nickname on Motortopia. Your username will appear in place of your real name everywhere on the site. You can also use your username to login to the site, and it is also used as part of the URL to your garage page. You can change your username by clicking "edit profile" while viewing your garage. However, please note that if you do change your username, any old links to your garage (whether they are links on other sites, bookmarks, indexed on a search engine, etc.) will no longer work.

How is my privacy protected?

We do not sell any of your information to other companies. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information regarding your privacy.

What do I do if someone is harassing/libeling/threatening me?

We recommend that you block this user by going to their garage and clicking on the "block user" link next to their profile photo. You can also reject or delete any comments they have posted on your garage, and you can delete the private messages they have sent you even without reading them. When a user is blocked, they can no longer send you private messages, friend requests, or post comments on your garage. We also recommend that you do not respond to them. By NOT responding to them, most people will simply go away. If this does not resolve the problem, please click on the "Contact Us" link found at the bottom of each page and provide us with the user name of the person that is harassing you and the details of the situation.

How much storage space do I have for photos?

At this point we do not have a limit on the amount of storage space each user has. If this policy changes, members will be notified.

How do I change my password?

Make sure you are logged into the site and go to your garage. Click "Edit Profile" then enter your new password in the password fields.

What if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the "login" link in the upper right area of the site. On the login form, click the "forgot password" button and follow the instructions to generate a new password.

How do I change my profile information?

Make sure you are logged into the site and go to your garage. Click "Edit Profile" link located near your profile picture.

How do I edit my vehicle information?

Make sure you are logged into the site. From your garage page, locate your vehicle in the Vehicle box (Cars/Bikes/Boats/Planes) and click the edit icon (the icon with the pencil on it) located in the left corner of the picture of your vehicle. Or, from the vehicle's page, click "edit vehicle" located under your vehicle's picture.

How do I turn off email notifications?

Make sure you are logged into the site and click "Edit Profile" on your garage, then uncheck the "receive system notifications via email" item.

I don't want to participate in challenges nor do I want to receive challenge requests. How do I stop them?

You can set this preference on a vehicle by vehicle basis. Edit the profile for each vehicle that you do not want to be challenged and uncheck the "Other people can challenge this vehicle" item.

I no longer own a vehicle. How do I remove it?

If you no longer own a vehicle, you do not necessarily need to remove it from your garage. You can edit your vehicle profile and select the "I no longer own this" item, and the vehicle will remain in your garage. However, if you prefer to remove the vehicle from your garage, click the "X" button in the upper left corner of the car's picture in either your garage or on the vehicle's page.

How do I report offensive material on Motortopia?

To report offensive material, click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of each page and submit your report using the form provided.