Motortopia: Where your passion parks

Your Coolbox allows you to keep track of everything you find cool on Motortopia. It not only shows other people what you think is cool, but also provides quick links to your favorite photos, videos, garages and vehicles.

Who can see this?

Your coolbox is viewable by everyone, and if you add the Motortopia Facebook Application, the first three Coolbox photos, videos, garages and vehicles can show up on your Facebook profile!

Furthermore, when you add something to your coolbox, all your friends will get a Recent Activity message so they can check out the content you think is cool.

Forum Signature
Your forum signature appears at the bottom of every forum post on Motortopia.
Recent Activity

What’s this?

The Recent Activity page shows what your friends and fellow club members are doing on Motortopia.

Why should I use this?

Seeing your friends’ recent activity can help you discover content on the site that you may never have found on your own. Since your friends and fellow club members probably have similar interests to you, the chances of discovering new content that interests you are good.

What kind of activity can I see?

You can see when they add or update a vehicle in their garage, upload new photos to Motortopia, add a video, write a new journal entry, post a comment somewhere on Motortopia, add something to their coolbox, make a new friend, or join a group.

What’s the difference between “Friends” and “Club Members”?

The “Friends” tab shows the recent activity of all the people in your Motortopia friends list, while the “Club Members” tab shows the recent activity of anyone that you are in a club with here on Motortopia. It does NOT show the recent activity of people that are only in enthusiast or business groups with you.

How much activity can I see?

You can only see the last three days worth of activity, so log in and check for recent activity often.

What about privacy?

The activity feed always uses Motortopia screen names and never reveals full names. Also, it does not show “private” activity such as private messages sent on Motortopia, or activity when you leave groups, remove friends, etc. In addition, if you block a user on Motortopia, you will not see their activity on your feed and they will not see your activity on their feed, if you happen to be in the same club, for example. (If they are not on your friends list and you are not in a club with them, you won’t see each other’s activity in the first place.)

Disabling your recent activity

You can prevent your activities from being seen by others by disabling your recent activity on the edit account page.

Placing a check next to “hide activities from friends” prevents your recent activity from showing up to your friends, and checking “hide activities from club members” prevents your recent activities from showing up to Motortopia members you are in a club with.

Share Content Boxes

When you are viewing photos or videos, you’ll see boxes that say “Share this photo”, “Share this album”, “Share this slideshow”, or “Share this video”. You can link to an album, slideshow, photo or video in three different ways:

Embed forum

If you participate in online forums, use this embed text to put a thumbnail image of an album, slideshow, photo or video in your forum posts that links to Motortopia. Most forums support Bulletin Board Code (BB Code) and the Embed forum text should work on most online forums.

Embed text

The embed text is just an HTML version of the Embed forum text. Use this if you write your own blog and can insert HTML into your blog posts.


The permalink is a permanent link to the page you are viewing. You can use this anywhere to display the URL to an album, slideshow, photo or video on Motortopia.


Tags are used to describe and relate content. Think of them as keywords. For instance, if you have a photo of a red Camaro at the Lake Afton car show, useful tags would be “camaro”, “red” and “lakeafton”. Each tag is a single string of lower-case characters, and can be made up of more than one word. Combine words into a single tag when they belong together. For instance, “hotrod”, “bigblock”, “transam”, “dragrace”.

How are tags used?

Tags are used to relate content. For instance, if you view a car and you click on it’s tag called “red”, you will be shown all the cars that have been tagged “red”. Tags are also used to generate the tag clouds on the site, which show the most popular tags.

The “add another fee option” button

You can have as many different fees as you want. Just enter the price of the fee in the “Fee Price” field, and then enter a short “Fee Description.” Lastly, click the “add fee” button.

If you want people to register for free, just leave the “Fee Price” field blank, fill in a description and click the “add fee” button.


Trophies are just tokens of appreciation or admiration for photos, videos and cars. Like what you see? Give it a trophy.