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  • mike8675309 started a blog post Lazy poster

    Lazy poster

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    It isn't so much that I'm lazy, as it is that I put a bunch of my stuff on the web boards that I frequent, specifically http://www.sccoa.com and http://midwestthundercats.com. So with 2010 well under way what I have I been doing? Well last year I wrapped...
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  • mike8675309 started a blog post 2009 Movement

    2009 Movement

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    So, I've been working on the 93 SC all spring. It's been over at fabricators shop for the last 3 weeks getting the intercooler tubing cut and welded up, a new outlet top for the autorotor, mounts for the intercooler and heat exchanger. Looks like I'll...
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  • mike8675309 started a blog post Racing Recap

    Racing Recap

    I'm terrible at blogging, but I try. So Labor Day weekend was the Muscle Car Shootout at the NHRA racetrack in Brainerd MN. The local club of guys (www.midwestthundercats.com) head up there for some racing in the Late Model classes, and watch some much...
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  • mike8675309 started a blog post Ongoing Work

    Ongoing Work

    Well the 5 speed has been swapped. Part of my AutoRotor swap has arrived (the autorotor). Still need an intake manifold and some other parts. Paint is junk on Dangerous, so I'm doing the best I can until I can save up enough to get it painted the right...
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  • mike8675309 started a blog post Racing Fun

    Racing Fun

    Well, Saturday was the spring club clash at Tri-state raceway in Iowa. 6 GTP's dared to show up 7 T-birds (mostly LX) 1 Cougar. It was my first chance to really test out the Lentech valve body I had installed this spring. It paid off by being able to hold...
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