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  • modifier_93 started a blog post Track speeds

    Track speeds

    Just started taking my supra to the track and to top speed test areas. So far the car can get up to about 190 with only two stages of NOS. So im thinking if i get the other bottle of NOS filled(cause i used it in a quarter mile race) i might be able to...
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  • modifier_93 started a blog post Vote


    let me know what picture you think my dad and i should make his 2001 celica look like. they are all custom pictures from websites and magazines. we picked out the ones we liked best and now we are debating. so let me know what you think. Thanks.
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  • modifier_93 started a blog post A formal Apology

    A formal Apology

    I just wanted to apologise for my words and actions the other day about my challenge with Rangeman. What i said was unreasonable and uncalled for. So i want to put out a formal apologise for my actions and hope that it wont affect any future friends and...
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  • modifier_93 started a blog post the accident`

    the accident`

    ok for those who were wondering about my dads accident this is what happened. My dad was making a right hand turn onto a side street in my home town on his way to take my sister to her dentist appointment. As my dad was making the turn a Ford Ecoline van...
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