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  • ncwitte started a blog post Motor Wheel Spyders

    Motor Wheel Spyders

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    Both of my Corvairs wear 14" Motor Wheel Spyder rims. I like these rims because they are unusual, and are relatively period correct. (I think they were actually made in the late sixties and early seventies, but the look seems right to me.) Beyond the...
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  • ncwitte started a blog post Challenges


    Thanks to all who see the humor and fun in my challenges of Dylan and MasterZ's fine rides. You'll notice I didn't pit my Firebird against their cars. I just didn't want to get STOMPED! These guys are class acts.
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  • ncwitte started a blog post My Garage

    My Garage

    I've decided to use this as a place to catalog all of the cars I have owned. I will add pictures of previous cars as I find and scan them. The vehicles we currently own are: 1954 Massey Ferguson MF50 1963 Olds 98 Holiday Sports Sedan 1965 Corvair Corsa...
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  • ncwitte started a blog post Pony car invasion

    Pony car invasion

    I find it kinda funny that this site was created by a Corvair guy, but has been invaded by the pony car crowd. I'm good with that. I guess I better take more pictures of my Firebird. I'm on my third Firebird, so I am certainly an F-car kind of guy. Norm
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  • ncwitte started a blog post Corvair stuff

    Corvair stuff

    I thought I would take the opportunity to invite any Corvair buffs to my modest website, in which I have written down more than you probably want to read about fixing up these things. You can find my webpage at Thanks for...
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