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Is this Double 5.9L Cummins the World’s First double engine diesel? This ‘70 D200 is packed with TWO 5.9L engines. Click here to see the complete write up on the latest Diesel World Blog post!

On June 2 & 3, around 5,500 diesel enthusiasts descended upon Beech Bend Raceway Park for the 2017 TS Performance Outlaw event. Check out two days of diesel action, on and off the track. If you weren’t able to attend, you can check out the event highlights here on these pages!

It all started on the dragstrip with a $100 buy-in. At Truck Mania, a number of gas and diesel trucks went head to head on the dyno and drag strip to answer the age-old question: diesel or gas?

You won’t want to miss the write up on this 35000 Duramax! This 3500 is destined to be one of the most complete "stock" to not so stock builds yet. Click here to read more.

Before you do work to your 6.7L Cummins, you will want to read this article. No other modification allows you to add substantial horsepower, while retaining factory-like drivability. Click here to find out more!

This 2nd Gen Cummins started off stock; however, Carlos Calderon had different plans, turning this truck into one of the first true front-beamed and rear-linked diesel Pre-Runners in existence. Click here to see all the Pre-Runner action!

We sat down with Super Stock class’s elite driver, Cody Hastings, owner of the Against the Grain Ram, to give you an exclusive look at his 3,000+ HP build. You won’t want to miss this!

Get your GM truck under control. Learn how to upgrade the independent front suspension on most ‘01-’05 Duramax trucks with the latest Diesel World Blog.

The engineering, testing, and development to produce a new tire takes both time and cash, which is why new tire introductions are usually separated by several years. This is what makes the simultaneous introduction of two new light truck tires from Nitto Tire a unique and exciting event.

Checkout our full review on Diesel World today!

What if trucks from Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, and Canada were all in the same spot, on the same day running on the same dyno? What if there was money on the line? The ATS Gauntlet Challenge did just that, with a $500 buy-in to weed out the Internet braggarts from the actual competitors. Checkout all the action in the latest Diesel World Blog, King of the Dyno!

Breakout your MIG welder, grinder, and cutoff tools in the latest Diesel World Blog. We walk you through how to properly install a custom DIY bumper kit!

Thanks to the unwavering love for the 12V Cummins, Casey Adams has worked hard to turn this 500,000 truck into a 700hp show stopper with an attention to detail you won’t find in most trucks. Click here to see the full overview of this 1996 Cummins!

Everything looks better in red, especially this 12V Cummins packed with over 700HP.
Click here to check out the full truck build!

Could this Dodge, built by Drake Swett, the owner of Total Performance Diesel, be one of the fastest street legal diesel trucks in the world? Click here to find out!

The 7.3L faithful are faithful, even with a complex, vastly outdated injection system and plenty of other engine options to make easy horsepower, they’ve chosen to stick it out with the 444ci, HEUI V8. This build has been eight years in the making. The truck’s horsepower rating has been tripled and it makes frequent 12-second trips through the quarter-mile.
Checkout the full ’97 F-250 build on the latest Diesel World Blog

Playing with trucks is an affliction that never ends. For most of us, we don’t just build our trucks and then sit back and admire them. John Thompson, a high-energy Duramax addict, illustrates this point to a tee. His ’08 Silverado 2500 HD has been lifted, lowered, sported large single-turbo setups as well as a compound arrangement, and has had parts combinations ranging from 600 to 1,100 rwhp thrown at it. Click here to see the full overview of the 2500 HD!

The last thing ShowTime Metal Works wanted to do was come out with another cookie-cutter design. This Ford F-450 is the furthest things from cookie-cutter. Click here to see it now!

There’s simply no substitute for a high-caliber diesel dually when it comes to towing and hauling. This 2013 F-350 pavement-pounder doubles as a crazy daily driver, check it out now!

Richard Arista’s lifted Ford Excursion was stolen, but that didn’t stop him from building this incredible F-250. Click here to see more.

Built for Battle We stopped by to visit the Fleece crew, who were in the process of assembling a Duramax for a sled puller. They were looking to compete in both 2.6 and the newly created 3.0 Smooth Bore class. Check out the latest Diesel World Blog to catch a glimpse of what goes into a Duramax spec’d to compete in the upper echelon of diesel truck pulling.

Bullet Proofed All diesel truck owners have one thing in common, and that is they want diesel engines that are reliable. If you want your diesel to last longer without seeing common failures, then you need it to be bullet proof.

Desert Mayhem The SEMA Show in Las Vegas brings together the largest gathering of custom vehicles in one place, at one time. So of course we had to take advantage and meet our favorite trucks outside of town for an early morning Diesel World Magazine photo shoot.

Photo Finish Whether this truck is used for the weekly commute or weekend shows,
this Dodge is, without a doubt, a head turner. Check out the full overview of this killer Dodge in the latest Diesel World Blog.

Family Run Are you a Ford diesel enthusiast? Then you need to mark your calendars and make plans to attend this event!

Time Tested With a packed dyno and racing action from morning till deep into the night and over $10,000 raised for a local charity, the 7th annual Firepunk Dirt Drags was a success. Checkout all the action from the event in the latest Diesel World Blog. 

Just Right Like many businesses in the truck industry, ShowTime Metal Works started out as a hobby.  Brandon and Dustin Naivar quickly found that the bolt-on suspension kits they were buying didn’t deliver the performance they were looking for, so instead of spending more money on suspension parts, they invested in fabrication equipment and began building their own.


Tow Rig Revival
 So you’ve got a quarter-million miles on your 7.3L Power Stroke and it’s time to address a few things; Do you sell the farm and trade her for a brand-new truck, or ready the trusty workhorse for another 250,000 miles? In this Diesel World Blog we walk you through some preventative maintenance on a 7.3L to keep it running for another 250K miles.

Night Train
 This 97’ F-350 represents just about every performance advancement that’s been made on the 7.3L Power Stroke platform over the past decade and you won’t want to miss it!


Cummins Project It’s been a few months since this 2013 6.7L Cummins project made its way into the pages of Diesel World, but after running around for 10,000 miles with his new GDP Tuning EFI Live tunes and Black Market turbocharger kit, the owner was ready to take the next step!

Parts Rack Cash burning a hole in your wallet?
Looking to do some upgrades to your diesel truck? Look no further! Checkout this month’s recommended hot products..

Low and Lethal This '10 GMC stood out to us, it might have been because of its unmistakably low stance or perhaps it’s the 900 HP motor with plenty of upgrades..

Decade in the making
 This 05 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD has spent nearly a decade in the making..

Duramax Filtration New diesel trucks are expensive, so it’s becoming more and more common for owners to hang on to their high-mileage trucks and start investing a little cash here and there to improve durability and performance alike. These quick and inexpensive updates will make your LB7 Duramax run longer and more efficiently..

Ford 7.3L PT 2 After getting the remanufactured 7.3L short-block and heads back from L&R Automotive, John Ferguson and his team at Domestic Diesel, began reassembling the engine and getting the project shop truck up and running. After the rebuild, Ferguson decided to go the extra mile and add a little more power and make other improvements.

Tread Magazine News

Minor edits Bwildjournals on instagram is a healthy reminder that you can do whatever you want with a little determination and some ingenuity, with a totally stock 1998 Toyota Tacoma.

Compressed from 4.5mb to 230kb Title capitalized Are you a lighthouse junky and wanting to start planning a fall foliage run? Look no further than our very own backyard in Michigan.

Fixed capitalization errors Ford showed off the new North American market Ranger at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.

Reduced from 8mb to 350kb Title fixed Yellowstone sits upon an enormous magma chamber that has exploded three times before, with 2 of them being the most violent natural explosions ever.

Videos Primal Outdoors took a week to beat the crap out of a 2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2 diesel off-road, and you should check it out.

Opening paragraph reworked Minor edits Sea to Summit makes some of the best outdoor gear on the market, and has never been one to compromise on quality or shortcuts.

Minor edits in body The VSSL tube is a compact aluminum tube that contains survival tools to make the harsh wilderness a little closer to home.

Compressed from 3mb to 345kb What if Survival makes easy-to-use survival and first aid kits that pack a lot of lifesaving tools in a compact package the size of a football.

Paras shortened Reduced from 3mb to 280kb There aren't many offroad shops willing to take on the challenge of building a slider that can support a 3/4 to one-ton truck, but White Knuckle did

Photos attributed to Earth Roamer Compressed from 3mb to 390kb Earth Roamer is the pinnacle of off-road luxury with their F-550 based trucks. But this time they have upped the ante with an F-750 based HD version that carries a seven-figure price tag.

AGM Batteries Are Better AGM Batteries are marvels of technology that represent the peak of technology for the lead-acid battery, and are the perfect bridge to the world’s upcoming transition to lithium-ion.

Factor 55 Factor55’s safety links are milled from billet aluminum, and fully take the guesswork out of the dangerous task of handling a winch hook.

Keep Your Oil Clean, And Your Engine Running If motor oil is the lifeblood of an engine, the oil filter are the kidneys. This tiny canister plays a critical role in keeping your engine clean and well-lubricated.

VOTW: Flying OVERland Paul Guschbauer is back with another installment of Fly OVERland and the trip south from Barrow—the northernmost town in Alaska.

Winch Line Field Repair If your winch line happens to snap in the field, a Molly Hogan type splice can help you out. We show you how to splice steel cable together as a trail fix.

Classic Touch Steel wheels are a timeless (and utilitarian) way of keeping classic, timeless style. Not only are they economical due to the nature of their construction (stamping), they are also incredibly durable, and easily repairable.

A True Legend Never Dies New Legend is famous for taking International Harvester Scout trucks and restoring the body, while sliding a brand-new modified Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited rolling chassis underneath.

Skottle Fever Essentially a self-contained, single burner Wok, the Skottle is a steel harrow disk from a farm implement flipped on its side and used as a cooking vessel.

House of the Gods Having seen pictures of roof-top tents on top of heavily modified Land Rovers cruising through the desert in various magazines over the years, I desperately wanted one. I found the perfect one in Tepui.

Video of the Week Northmen is renowned for building wooden timber home, using all traditional (read: non-power) construction methods.

WHAT IS A BEADLOCK WHEEL? Beadlock wheels are designed to help keep tires from dismounting from the wheel when tire pressure is insufficient to hold the bead into place. Such wheels are meant for offroad and rock crawl activities.

2016: OFF-ROAD WHEELS YOU NEED We know that wheel shopping be a mind-numbingly long process, though, one that takes a lot of homework and researching. So we've picked out the best ones for you.

MIKE HUSSEY - 1993 CAMEL TROPHY WINNER Created with the intention of traversing a 3,000-mile trek along the Tranzamazonica highway (a Brazilian road stretching across the Amazon,) the Camel Trophy brought three teams from Germany to the jungle with the goal of returning in one piece. In the end, only one team managed to cross the finish line-in a Jeep that had been battered, lost parts and suffered a missing wheel.

WHAT'S A BLUETOOTH LIGHT? Have you ever wondered how they get those crazy off-road action shots during the filming of movies? Well, here's how they do it.

OFF-ROAD FILMING TRUCKS Princeton Tec's Helix Bluetooth is a lantern with a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to fully control it from your smartphone or tablet, no cell signal required

Drink or Die: Proven Water Purification Techniques Once in the wild, you can utilize certain pieces of equipment and procedures that can purify water in minutes if necessary. Here are some solutions and techniques.

Training Ground: Master Terrain in your 4WD Knowing the abilities and limitations of your vehicle, along with your driving skills will make your outings more enjoyable. Here's a quick 4WD school primer.

End of the Trail: Kayaking Through the Grand Canyon River Bryon Dorr takes his EEXP custom overland vehicle on a sojourn to the Grand Canyon, and ends up canoing down the canyon!

Snow Crusher: Polaris Switchback Adventure 800 Polaris' Switchback Adventure models are high-performance, premium crossover sleds, designed and equipped for riders that want to go anywhere and do anything.

OVERLAND TOYOTA 4RUNNER Learn how Matt Havniear makes a difference in the lives of veterans-with some assistance from a modified 2016 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro.

A DODGE FOR WORK & PLAY Mario Donovan, owner and lead designer at AT Overland Equipment, takes the overlanding vehicle concept to new heights with his most recent full-sized, overland adventure-mobile build.

LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE. Modern off-road lighting comes in three flavors: halogen, high-intensity discharge (HID), and light-emitting diode (LED). Each has its purpose and these lights vary by shape, dimension, cost and performance.

RIDE RED WITH THIS CUSTOM RUBICON This spanking-new 2014 Rubicon Unlimited, in Firecracker Red, has all relevant options placed on the table. But the owner still wanted more.

ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR TACO. The new Toyota Tacoma is more than a head turner. So much so that I went shopping for one and then the dilemma struck.

JEEP WRANGLER ACCESSORIES Accessorizing your Wrangler give it a personal touch, while giving you the opportunity to outfit your rig with the kind of gear you'll need in backcountry.

Rock Solid Foundation: White Knuckle Offroad We try out White Knuckle Offroad's rugged sliders on our RAM 2500 Power Wagon build!.

Dante's Peak If there was any question on which movie inspired thousands of people to fit their vehicles with snorkels, it can be put to rest because it was absolutely, positively, unquestionably Dante's Peak.

Enders Falls We loaded up a Jeep Cherokee and took a trip to a place as forgotten and avoided in the overland community as the idea of spontaneous adventure itself: Enders Falls in Connecticut.

Messenger Pigeon The SpareOne is a phone that features built in LED flashlight that can flash in SOS Morse code, a panic siren to aid location and an audible caller ID.

VOTW: Build Biology Follow Jonathan Ward and the ICON crew at they tackle the restoration of a timeless classic, a 1965 Kaiser-Jeep Wagoneer.

Life After Dark: LED Lights Take a gander at our detailed guide to the brightest collection of lighting goods we could find for your ride, from LED light bars to halo pod lights!

Off the Beach in a'14 Rubicon Unlimited This firecracker red 2014 Rubicon Unlimited is the stunning end result of a collabaration between CarX Depot in Miami and KEG Media in Fort Smith, Ark.

Truck Vaults: Secure Storage on the Trail It doesn't matter if it's fishing gear, sporting equipment or recreational firearms, there's a truck vault option for every application. Here's our comprehensive guide.

Ready 4 All: A Veteran's 4Runner Learn how Team Overland's 2016 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro helps veterans with PTSD return to normal life.

Gear Box: Supplies for Life Off the Beaten Path (Winter 2015) Make sure you're equipped for the trail with new gear from Biolite, BCM, Minuteman and more!

Home is Where You Park It See the guys at AT Overland Equipment transform a third-gen Dodge Ram regular cab into a full-sized, overland adventure-mobile.

Made The Cut: Folding Knives - The Everyday Companion (Fall 2016) Stay on the cutting edge of outdoor defense and utility with the latest knives from Benchmade, Hogue, Spyderco, CRKT and more!

Overlanding North America: Amazing Adventures in our Own Backyard In a large majority of locations in America, Canada and Mexico, there are sure to be points of interest worth visiting, many times on non-paved routes, close by. Here are 8 recommended routes.

Folding Knives: The Essential Everyday Companion (Winter 2015) Stay sharp with the newest knife releases from Kershaw, Coast, CRKT, Cold Steel, Emerson and other cutting edge brands!

Doctor's Orders: How a Physician Got This JK Wrangler Sick JK Wrangler expert John Williams of Impulse OffRoad turns a 2014 Jeep Wrangler into a backcountry beast.

Gear Box: Supplies for Life Off the Beaten Path (Fall 2016) Before you head out the trail, make sure you're suitably equipped with outdoor gear from Aquabrick, Gerber, Mechanix, Zippo, Vanquest and more!

Designed for Dirt: A Two-Mind Build Finds Fame Tim Mills and the crew at Custom Motor Concepts team up with KEG Media to bring a digital truck rendering to life in the form of a one-of-a-kind JK8!

Rock 'n Roll: Put Your Best Foot Forward (Spring 2016) Whether you'll find your future set in this collection or on your own, here's some wheel inspiration from brands like ICON, V-Rock, American Force and more!

The House that Smittybilt: Pick of Parts Build Transamerican Manufacturing Group transforms an ordinary 2011 four-door Jeep Wrangler JK into a tomato-red showcase of the company's prowess!

Outfitted: A Roundup of the Latest Automotive Accessories (Winter 2016) Get your steed ready for the rough trail with new products from Vision, Gear Aid, Zone Offroad, Overkill Fabrications, BDS Suspension and more!

SPY Will Marshal reviews SPY's Helm sunglasses with Happy Lens technology to replace his battered pair of Oakley glasses.

Lava Snorkel Scott Hunt manages to install an ARB snorkel meant for the Toyota Hilux into his own 4Runner, with a few mods and some elbow grease.

Travel Advisory: Goonies Never Say Die Cannon Beach is your quintessential Pacific Northwest beach that offers a rocky cliff portal to the endless Pacific Ocean, and featured in the race rally scene of the movie The Goonies.

Upsize There are plenty of variables to consider when looking at your next tire upgrade, especially if it involves upsizing the tire size from factory spec.

VOTW: UP TO SPEED Delve deep into the history of the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser in this week's video from Donut Media!

Waiting for the World: Purpose-Built to Conquer the Continents Read this epic build tale of a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited designed for a 6-month transcontinental journey from North Africa to Burma!

Rock 'N Roll: Put your Best Foot Forward Nothing sets a ride apart from the rest than a fresh set of wheels. Here are the latest rims from Fuel, Helix, Center Line and more!

Log Corral Trail: Desert Route to Bartlett Lake This interesting desert trail in the Mazatzal Mountain Range of Phoenix, AZ has a character that changes through seasons.

Outfitted: A Round Up of the Latest Automotive Accessories (Fall 2016) Get your ride rough trail-ready with the latest in offroad accessories from Rigid Industries, Transfer Flow, Superchips, Ripp Superchargers and more!

Full Metal Jacket: Starwood Motor's Jeep Wrangler For Starwood Motors of Dallas, Texas, customization is their business. Read about their complete vehicle teardown of a 2013 Jeep Wrangler!

Best in Class: KTM 350 EXC-F If you had to pick just one off-road motorcycle to do it all, there's only one bike that fills the bill-the KTM 350 EXC-F.

Burn Time: Portable Camp Stoves A camp stove big enough to feed a large crew but compact enough to stow in your trail rig is an essential piece of gear for any outdoor enthusiast.

Rock 'N Roll: Put Your Best Foot Forward (Fall 2016) Whether you like to crawl over rocks or enjoy extended backcountry explorations, you want to find the perfect set of wheels for your specific application.

Four-Seat Fury: Modified Polaris RZR 2014 XP 1000 Designed to incorporate over 145 factory-made accessories, the Polaris RZR was meant to be modified.

Arrival Time: Around the Clock Confidence Wristwatch Whether you need one for tactical applications or tactical training, these watches will get the job done. And then some.

Outfitted: The Latest Automotive Accessories (Winter 2015) Outfit your rig for the great outdoors with the latest trail gear from Superchips, Poison Spyder, Teraflex and more!

Made the Cut: Fixed Blades Made for Adventure Knives are an essential part of camping. Make sure you're properly outfitted for outdoor adventures with these fixed-blade models from Avenger, Benchmade, OKC and more!

Gear Box: Supplies for Life Off the Beaten Path When the dust settles and you reach your campsite, maximize your outdoor activities with gear from Quantum Telecast, American Technologies Network, Zippo and more!

Call of the Wild: From Black Desert to Moab Alex Chan got bitten by the treading bug, and his wildly modified 2006 Toyota Tacoma shows it!

Load & Go: Cargo Rack Buying 101 Make sure you have enough room on your ride with our comprehensive rack buyer's guide covering hitch, roof and spare tire-mounted models!

Dream Machine: Giant Trance 27.5 3 Giant's 27.5 3 bicycle features a lightweight aluminum frame mated to top-shelf shocks and suspension, resulting in 5.5 inches of smooth Maestro travel.

Next Level: The Right Stance for JK, TJ, WJ and YJ Jeeps We look at 4-inch suspension kits designed for Jeeps, from brands like Skyjacker, Eibach, Rough Country, Synergy and more!

The Bluetooth Speaker You Always Wanted The JBL Xtreme wireless speaker is a 40-watt water-resistant speaker perfect for the active outdoor lifestyle, in a compact package.

Skoolie Wilderness Wandering bought a '97 Thomas flat-nose bus and converted the old school bus into a tiny home to travel the country in!

What the Big Instagram Influx Means for Everybody With the popularity of Instagram-centric outdoor photos, it looks like we're in a new golden age of outdoor exploration as everybody does it "for the 'Gram".

This Sucker's Nuclear Will Marshal explains his fondness for Luminox watches and their trademark Tritium light sources, and why they are the timepiece choice of the military.

Made the Cut: Plain-Edged Folders Here are 6 cutting-edge folding knives to accompany you on your next outdoor adventure.

Towing Tough: Trick Trailer With Utility in the Rough We take a look at Freespirit Recreation's unique axle-less unibody trailer made especially for the JK Jeep.

Gear Box: Supplies for Life off the Beaten Path Take a look at the latest in outdoor gear essentials, from firestarters and lightweight trail-rated quilts to Sig Sauer's high-tech rangefinder!

Tools for the Trail: Making a Tool Kit for Field Repairs A field vehicle repair kit doesn't need to take up half of your trunk -- in fact, our tried-and-tested version fits in a space no larger than a Pelican 1550 case!

Trans American Defender: Englands Finest Crosses America Kevin Baldwin goes on the 5,000-mile cross-country route from North Carolina to the Pacific coast in Oregon called the Trans American Trail, all in his trusty Land Rover Defender 110 diesel!

Growlerville: Thirst Quenching on the Trail Growlers allow you to transport your favorite beer, direct from the tap of your local brewery or even your very own homebrew-for when bottled or canned beer just can't match that fresh draft taste.

Portable Protein: Homemade Jerky for the Road An on-the-go staple, packed full of protein, since even before the wagon trail days, beef jerky is deliciously satisfying and can help fight off hunger. In the spirit of the old trail pioneers, here's how to make your own!

Mighty Sherpa: CJ-8 Scrambler Turned Overland Adventurer Steve Wilson of Wilson & Steely Kustom Coachworks takes on the restoration of his old high school crush, a 1983 Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler.

Mil Sack: Tactical Backpacks for the Weathered Trail Tactical packs employ a modular system that allows for the attachment of utility pouches and other specialized gear, useful for those outdoor adventures.

What's The Bead Deal? The Importance of Beadlock Wheels Beadlock-style wheels offer a look that is menacing yet refined, industrial but still elegant; and it borrows much of its main styling cues from true beadlock-style wheels used in off-roading

Find Your Way: Old School Map-and-Compass Skills While convenient, GPS technology should always be backed up with old school navigation. When satellites and batteries fail, nothing beats a topographical map and a compass.

Thriller: The 2017 BMW F800 GS Adventure For years, BMW's F 800 GS Adventure has offered adventure motorcyclists enhanced performance over tough terrain, and here's the reason why.

Outfitted: A Roundup of the Latest Automotive Accessories (Spring 2016) Get your ride trail-ready with the latest in outdoor accessories, from lightweight aluminum radiator fans to cold air induction systems!

Stitch Witch Will Marshal takes a close look at Benchmade's butterfly knives, reviewing the company's Presidio Ultra series.

Tagalong Join Andrew St. Pierre of 4xOverland in a campfire discussion of a recent trip he took with people he did not know.

Open-C versus Boxed For years, American trucks featured open-C channel frames designed to flex, while Japanese trucks reveled in their fully boxed frames. Now all that is set to change.

Investing in Exhaust There are so many different options with aftermarket exhausts that it is almost a mind-numbing subject. One of the biggest rifts is the selection of aluminized steel or stainless.

VOTW: MiniBikes The ragtag crew of Dirt Every Day go overlanding on a couple of Harbor Freight mini-bikes. What they lack in horsepower, they make up for in noise and fun!

Packing Light With storage being a premium for overlanders, we take a look at the value of packing light, conserving much-needed space and fuel and leaving more room for adventure.

VOTW: Mountain State Overland The MS Overland crew go mudding in Vermont in a couple of dirt bikes. Mudrucking doesn't always have to involve 4 wheels!

Under the Spell of The West Will Marshal explains why the rugged charm of the desolate West hold such an appeal for overlands, 4x4 enthusiasts and simple nature lovers alike.

Hot ‘n’ Heavy In the great outdoors, it pays to be able to eat hot meals instead of cold rations.

Importing Dreams One of the great 4wd unicorns, the Land Rover Defender was briefly legal for a few years in the US. Thankfully, this overlanding legend just turned 25 this year, meaning it can now be legally imported and owned.

Sleeper Hold A must for offroaders, the beadlock wheel allows intrepid owners to air down tires for maximum grip while retaining the integrity and life of the tire's sidewall.

Jack of All Trades The multi-tool’s modern history starts in the hands of Victorinox and Wenger—the original manufacturers of the Swiss-Army knife.

Ramming Speed Maxtrax pads are an incredibly useful recovery tool for getting yourself out of a jam, without the hassle of using a winch.

The Silent Cartographer The whole use of a paper map is romantic. It is nostalgic. It is the spirit of adventure. All that is lost with GPS—and the nagging voice telling you to turn left in 1,000 feet.

Suspension Wars: Solid Beam axles have always ruled king in off-road. Even after being displaced by independent front suspension setups, they are still the go-to option when heavy-duty is needed.

VOTW: Untamed Winds Follow three friends as they go on a 4-month journey through South America in their stunning work of cinematography and overlanding passion.

Sleep Tight Once the destination has been reached and you are setting up your base camp, it is important to consider your surroundings and what conditions you will face.

VOTW: 1996 Camel Trophy Relive the glory days of the Land Rover in this classic footage of the 1996 Camel Trophy.

Product Spotlight: Hutchinson Rock Monster We look at Hutchinson's brand of double beadlocks, which feature an inner PVC liner to protect the beads and rim and prolong the life of your tire over multiple airdowns, even at 0 psi!

Instant Classic: 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser While the Land Cruiser has grown in size and weight from its humble beginnings, it is hard to argue that they are any less capable. Case in point: the 200 series.

Rock ‘N Roll: May – June 2017 Edition This month's Rock n Roll features rims from Black Rhino, AEV, Fuel Off-Road, ICON, and more to give your ride a new look!

Legends Never Die: Warn M8274 Since its first was introduced in 1974, the venerable Warn 8274 winch has remained basically unchanged, receiving minor tweaks to upgraded electrics and a few cosmetic revisions.

Outfitted: May – June 2017 Edition Outfit your steed for your latest adventure with new products from Hi-Lift, Midland, Bestop, Mastercraft Safety and more!

Made The Cut: May – June 2017 Edition Take a look at the cutting edge of folding knives, with fresh steel from Kershaw, Gerber, Benchmade, Camillus, and more!

Gear Box: May – June 2017 Edition With spring coming, it's time to get ready for the great outdoors with new gear from Patagonia, North Face, Surefire, Camelbak, Grease Monkey and more!

The Argument for Diesel For enthusiasts of the oil-burner platform like us, EPA regulations and consumer demand have long prohibited the growth of the small diesel power plant in the US.

Classic Advisory: Quattro The legendary Audi Quattro was Audi’s entry into the Group B scene. Development started in 1977, when it was discovered that a current Volkswagen model with AWD could outperform other vehicles in less than ideal conditions with ease.

Trail Ready Unsatisfied with imports and the lack of control over the alloy process, wheel maker Trail Ready scoured the continental US for one of the last remaining aluminum wheel foundries. This makes Trail Ready the only cast beadlock manufacturer in the country.

More Bite than Bark Rated as a M+S (mud and snow) tire, the Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx is an aggressive all-terrain tire that boasts off-highway performance while retaining good manners on the asphalt.

Chasing The Sun Will Marshal takes Ford's aluminum-bodied F150 on an epic journey on I-70 all the way through Salt Lake City, tracing Union Pacific’s Overland Route.

VOTW: SUBI This week’s video comes from the crew of Overland Bound and their beloved Herman, a ‘10 Subaru XT Forester.

An American Giant Will Marshal takes a look at American Giant, quality outdoor clothing proudly made in the USA at an affordable price.

Video of the Week: Gear Selection with XO This week’s video comes from our friends at Expedition Overland, where they discuss what gear they use and how they outfit their vehicles.

Utah Christmas Roadtrip: 5 Days and 1.3k miles of Adventure! Follow guest author Jim Bob Barnett as he embarks on an epic adventure in the winding canyons and spectacular vistas of Utah onboard a Tacoma camper!

Classic Advisory: International Scout Considered the holy grail of vintage four-wheel-drive vehicles, the International Scout exemplified the height of 1960s American SUV design.

New Product: Blue Ridge Overland Gear IFAK We take a close look at Blue Ridge's first aid kit. Specifically designed with offroaders in mind, the kit boasts a durable high-visibility nylon MOLLE bag and contains medical essentials for overlanders in an emergency.

Amber What's in a light? Regular Tread contributor Will Marshal discusses light wavelengths, and why yellow is the standard light for offroad vehicles. SCIENCE!

Paralysis By Analysis In today's tech-infested world, it's easy to get information overload in the form of GPS and always-on Internet, even in the great outdoors. We make a case for going back to the basics.

Video of the Week: Unimog Roadtrip Ride along with Fred Williams and the Dirt Everyday Team, where they purchase an old Unimog in Indiana and drive it to Memphis, Tennessee. Let the mudtrucking begin!

Trail Advisory: Imogene Pass Located high up in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, the Imogen Pass is the state's second-highest vehicular mountain crossing and a magnet for overlanders looking for a challenge. This forbidding pass is accessible only by 4-wheel drive vehicles and not recommended for novices.

Product Spotlight: ARB Element Vehicle-mounted fridges have one fatal flaw: they are relatively delicate. This is not the case with ARB's new cooler, the Elements Weatherproof fridge.

Classic Advisory: FJ40 We trace the history of the venerable Toyota 40-series Land Cruiser, from the postwar BJ jeep clone to the beloved FJ40 of the '80s.

Video of the Week: Overland Workshop Sit down with Overland Legend's Andrew St. Pierre White as he talks about choosing the right 4wd truck in this Overland Workshop episode.

Product Spotlight: Baja Designs LP9 The 25th anniversary of Baja Designs saw a new version of the company's famous LaPaz HID light. The new LP9 series uses the latest LED technology housed in the familiar Baja look that's become synonymous with desert racing.

Travel Advisory: Monument Valley Located on the Arizona-Utah border, Monument Valley is the very definition of western America. Jutting mesas and picturesque buttes abound on the flat desert valley.

The Most Popular Vehicle in the World: Super Cub A small undertone motorcycle less than 124cc, the Honda Super Cub has been in continuous production for 60 years and boasts over 100 million units produced since 1958.

The Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed The new Warn Drill Winch compresses 30 feet of wire rope with an impressive 500lb pulling capacity in a compact package the size of a milk jug!

Video of the Week: New Zealand Overland Journey Follow Bexar Goods' epic 3,000-km journey across New Zealand in a Land Rover Defender 110!

Product Spotlight: Goose Gear Family-owned Goose Gear has been in the business of making durable but fine-quality cabinets designed for offroad trucks and campers since 1952.

Travel Advisory: Ouray, CO Nestled high up in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado, Ouray lies smack in the center of the best offroading trails and remote vistas offered by the rocky state.

It’s Okay, It Has a Snorkel Snorkels were first introduced in military application as a way to supply air for the engine, allowing total submersion for deep fording. Today this ingenious accessory is a must-have for offroaders wishing to go river fording.

Video of the Week: UNIMOG! Jason Koertge showcases one of the ultimate overland vehicles: a 1979 DOKA Unimog!

Cooking With Farm Equipment Scott Hunt shows how disc harrows can be used as a makeshift grill to cook tasty cheeseburgers out in the field!

Trail Advisory: The Kokopelli Trail On this week's installment of Trails n Tales, we take a look at the Kokopelli Trail, a single-track 142-mile span that straddles Colorado and Utah.

Gear for Gearheads: Blue Ridge Overland Blue Ridge Overland Gear is a line of proudly American-made products for the overland enthusiast. Here we take a look at their new Visor Organizer and Tool Pouch Sling.

The Science of Anodizing As more automotive parts are increasingly cast in aluminum, let's examine one of the critical processes that protect aluminum from corrosion and wear: anodizing.

Video of the Week: Overlanding the Australian Outback We join the intrepid guys from The Way Overland as they explore the Australian outback, with beautiful drone footage of Alice Springs all the way down to the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Gin and Tonic: Drink of The Expedition More than giving you a pleasant buzz, gin and tonic is actually a very beneficial drink. We trace the history of this all-around brew from its roots in British India all the way to World War II!

Danner Boots: A Sole Argument Our regular Tread contributor Will Marshal explains his love of Danner boots, and why they should be standard footwear for the offroad enthusiast.

Classic Advisory: Wagoneer Before the era of crossovers and SUVs, the station wagon reigned king. And few were as forward-thinking as the Jeep Wagoneer, a high-clearance offroad wagon decades ahead of its time.

The Iron Throne As camping gear evolves into lightweight alloys to save weight and space, some classics still manage to find their way in our backpacks, like the cast iron skillet.

Video of the Week: A2A Expedition This week we join the adventurous duo Graeme and Luisa Bell of A2A Expedition, as they chronicle life living in a converted Land Rover Defender 130 RV!

Travel Advisory: Morrison Jeep trail Winding through the Bear Tooth heights of Montana is the Morrison Jeep Trail. Only 22 miles long, this single-lane OHV trail features 27 switchbacks that provide a scenic view of the Clarks Fork River all the way to the top of Bear Tooth Plateau.

Get A Grip: Snatch Blocks The humble snatch block is a critical offroader's must-have that can literally dig you out of trouble, by doubling the power of your winch and changing the direction of the pull.

Classic Advisory: 12 Valve The 12-valve has become synonymous with the diesel engine, a small yet tough powerplant that can relied on. We trace the birth of this legendary Cummins engine from powering agricultural tractors to hauling Rams.

2019 TRD Line-up Toyota Racing Development is back with a bang. This year marks the return of the legendary Tundra, a refresh of the 4Runner and a toughened Tacoma with snorkel and offroad improvements.

Video of the Week: Overland History Walkaround This week, we join the guys at Overland History as they turn a $450 1994 Cherokee XJ into an overland beast.

A Watchful Eye: GRDIAN DEFENDR Dashcam GRDIAN's DEFENDR dashcam is a sub-$150 camera that features 160-degree angle view, 2K resolution and Wi-Fi connectivity. It even has optional GPS tracking, perfect for those offroad adventures!

Classic Advisory: TJ Wrangler In the early '90s, Jeep started work on the successor to the robust YJ platform. The TJ Development Program would take 4 years and $260 million before giving birth to the Wrangler TJ we know today.

A Build Thread to Die For: The BJ74 Saga Some build threads are like good novels -- they allow us to be part of the action from the comfort of our own screens (or office chairs). The 19-page saga of Matt Stoffregen's Toyota BJ74 is one such thread.

To Build A Home Canadian craftsman Peter Long builds rustic cabins that will make you want a second home. Join our Q&A with this master builder behind @VagabondPapa and @CabinTherapy.

Reader’s Rides: Million Dollar XJ Reader Chris C. sent in his 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ, perfect for exploring the forests and shorelines of North Carolina.

Burn Baby, Burn: 3 Welding Methods Explained Here we examine the three welding processes commonly used by offroaders: the Stick, the MIG, and the TIG.

Lesson Learned: 4Runner Foresight Isaac Marchionna discusses some important lessons learned in the course of building his Toyota 4Runner.

Video of the Week: Winter in Yosemite Ride along with Youtuber iamjake and his Jeep CJ7 as they spend the winter in the pristine white grounds of Yosemite National Park.

Trail Boss GM unveils the Trailboss trim of the all-new Chevy Silverado at this year's North American International Auto Show.

Travel Advisory: Black Bear Pass Located in southwestern Colorado, Black Bear Pass is a one-way downhill trail that starts from the summit of the Red Mountain Pass and boasts several challenging switchbacks and scenic views.

Running Away Will Marshal explains the basics of a diesel engine runaway, and what to do in case it happens to you.

Video of the Week: Evolution of The King of The Hammers For this week's video, we join the crew of Heavy Metal Concepts as they chronicle the King of the Hammers event, the hardest single-day offroad race on the planet.

Travel Advisory: Ophir Pass Located high up in the heights of Telluride, Colorado, Ophir Pass features a number of pull-offs for camping, numerous mountain bike trails, and scenic vistas as its winds through the San Juan Mountains.

New Product: Go Fast Campers With a motto of Go Fast, Drive Well, Go Fast Campers specializes in lightweight CFC-machined campers specifically designed for Tacoma beds that don't exceed the gross vehicle weight ratio.

Video of the Week: What to Pack The guys at Overland Bound show us how to pack up for a weekend adventure as they prepare to take off in an 80 series Land Cruiser.

Classic Advisory: Iron Pig We take a look at one of Toyota's most iconic 4x4s: the Land Cruiser, specifically the FJ55. Hot on the heels of the successful 40 series, the Japanese carmaker set about designing a bigger and better successor that would expand on its daily utility while retaining much of its offroad capabilities.

Treading Lightly Tread Lightly! is a US-based organization that promotes outdoor ethics and nature stewardship along with recreation.

Video of the Week: XO Season Finale Join Expedition Overland as they wrap up their epic tour of South America with this hour-long season finale!

Product Review: The Warn Workhorse Today we take a close look at the Warn brand of winches, specifically their famous M8 winch series and its bang-for-the-buck features.

Classic Advisory: Blazer Let's take a look back at GM's competitor to the Bronco, Scout and Jeep CJ: the venerable Chevrolet Blazer, from the birth of the K5 series in 1969 to the marque's end in the early '90s.

Continental Divide: Hagerman Pass Winding across the continental divide of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado is the Hagerman Pass, accessible only by 4x4, OHVs, bikes or intrepid mountaineers.

Event: NAIAS We take a look at the new car reveals in the 2018 North American International Auto Show.

Video of the Week: Baja Mexico Overland The gang of Rogue Overland takes us a journey through Baja, Mexico, passing through Tijuana all the way down to San Felipe and the Valle de los Gigantes!

Classic Advisory: Bronco Introduced in 1966, the original Bronco was Ford's answer to the then-nascent small 4-wheel drive segment. The iconic Bronco would eventually span five generations, before returning once again in 2020.