January 4, 2006    
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Some things get better with age...
a classic car, a coin collection, and Motortopia! When you browse the site this month you'll discover you have the ability to:

  • Embed your Motortopia slideshow on other sites
  • Browse photo albums in thumbnail view
  • Leave comments on photos, videos and journals
  • View all your pending comments at once
  • Send to offsite friends with the "Forward to a Friend" link
  • View current challenges in a garage slider box
  • Preview your comments before posting them
  • Catch the latest journal posts on the site's main page
And there's more to come!

    Main Image Fall Season
Jan. 12th - 14th
World of Wheels
Glendale, AZ

Jan. 20th - 21st
Tri City Street Rods Car Show
Grand Island, NE

Jan. 27th - 28th
Rolex 24 @ Daytona
Daytona Beach, FL

For a complete listing of events, check out the Motortopia Events section.
Photo Album

"North American Iron"
View recent photos of canadianpontiacguy's favorite American Iron taken at Cruise Nights and Car Shows over the last few years, with contributions from overseas too!

This is a great challenge between two American classics. Wait, did I say American? It seems the Pontiac in this challenge was built in Canada! Check out both of these beautiful cars and vote for your favorite.
Go Vote Now!
Congratulations to Phantompooper, the WINNER of Griot's December Challenge Giveaway. Phantompooper's "The Rocket" topped off December with 51 wins. So, what makes this self-proclaimed "Street-terrorizing Demon" a force to be reckoned with? Read to find out...
The Rocket
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