March 1, 2007    
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We've been FIREBALLED!

Have you met Motortopia member "fireballtim"?

His profile reveals he's more than a car nut— he's an exceptional vehicle concept designer with film credits that include Jurassic Park, X-Men, Speed, Gone in 60 Seconds and many more.

"...Whether it's MOVIE CARS, PROMOTIONAL VEHICLES or just plain INSANE TUNERS and RODS, Fireball Tim has designed them ALL, and given them a WILD style like no other. Innovative, creative, and crazy as Hell, this RED HEAD is just plain WACKED!..."

Add "fireballtim" to your friend list and read more about his passion for cars.
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March 10-11
34th Annual Rocky Manginelli Memorial Swap Meet
Lincoln, NE

March 15-17
Run to the Sun XIX
Myrtle Beach, SC

March 16-18
World Of Wheels
Omaha, NE

March 18
55th Annual Mobil 1® Twelve Hours of Sebring
Sebring, FL

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1949 Chevrolet Pick-up

1949 Chevrolet Pick-up Motortopia member PollyClark is the owner of this cool 1948 Chevy Pick-up, nicknamed "Son's Ride." Check out the specs, mods and photos of this sweet truck.

This challenge features two hot cars from different decades. Representing the 50s and General Motors is this beautiful '56 Bel Air. And representing the 60s and Ford is this highly modified '66 Mustang. Vote for your favorite now!
Caro-Vettes car club logo

Congratulations to the Caro-Vettes Corvette Club of Jacksonville, North Carolina. Caro-Vettes will receive a FREE Griot's® Machine Polish and Wax Kit valued at $244.90 from Motortopia for reaching the goal of getting 3/4 of their club members signed up on Motortopia.
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