June 8, 2007    
Motortopia Community Newsletter
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More than Meets the Eye

A Camaro isn't the only thing transforming this summer. Motortopia transformed into an easier to use site with new and improved icons and some pretty cool features. It didn't take long for members to notice they can feature a slideshow or photo on their garage Feature icon.
Check this one out!

And that's not all, we've added forums outside of groups so you can discuss general topics with anyone on the site. You can also spot new messages, friend requests and comments at a glance in the upper right, "Welcome" box. And, if you see a cool garage, car, photo or video on the site, you can give props by adding it to your coolbox Coolbox.

Enjoy the new features!

    Motortopia March Newsletter Main Image Fall Season Events
June 5 - 9
Super Stang Fest 2007
Daytona, FL

June 8 - 10/b>
Branson's 6th Annual Corvette Weekend Extravaganza
Branson, MO

June 9
13th Annual German Car Fest
Saint Paul, MN

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1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Cnv

1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Cnv
Summer is here! And what better way to spend it than cruising in a cool convertible? Shotrod64 has a great story to go along with this cool ride. Check it out!

Separated by 30 years, these Firebirds are fantastic examples of their generations. Do you prefer the modern technology in the 2002 Formula or the raw toughness of the 1972 Trans Am? Vote now!

71_Charger loves Mopars. In fact, he loves them so much he is the founder and president of the Mopar Enthusiasts Car Club Of America. Check out his garage to see pics of his '71 Charger and read his journal. But wait, is that a Chevy SUV in his garage? Hmmm....
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