July 6, 2007    
Motortopia Community Newsletter
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"In the Wild" Photo Contest

Motortopia presents its first ever "In the Wild" photo contest. To enter, all you have to do is submit a photo of your car in a background that best reflects its personality.

A cool convertible... gazing as the sun sets across the lake.

A bad-ass muscle car... glaring through a chain-linked fence as steam rises from the sewers.

A rugged, mud splattered, 4x4... fighting it's way through rock-infested trails.

Watch next week for details on prizes, rules and how to enter!

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July 6 - 8
Goodguys 16th Heartland Nationals
Des Moines, Iowa

July 7
Pre-1942 Car Show & Pre-1954 Swap Meet
Tacoma, WA

July 14
6th Annual Bash at the Bridge
Capon Bridge, WV

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1970 AMC Rebel

1970 AMC Rebel
What better way to celebrate America's Independence Day than with an all-american muscle car? This AMC Rebel, nicknamed "Patriot", is one of 1,000 to roll off the line with this red, white and blue paint scheme. Check it out!

Americruise rolled into Lincoln last weekend, and Motortopia was there. Check out the hundreds of photos and event coverage. Stay tuned for more coverage of the event, coming soon!

Growing up with three brothers, susie62corvette got hooked on cars early in life. Now, she cruises in her '62 Vette with her lovable 5-lb. co-pilot "Lacey."
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