Aug 3, 2007    
Motortopia Community Newsletter
    Community Newsletter

Car Show Season is Upon Us!

Our favorite part of attending shows is meeting members who stop to say hello decked out in their Motortopia gear. And of course there's all those amazing cars too.

Motortopia would love to attend every car show on the planet but there just aren't enough days in the year. If there's a car show in your area that you'd like to see featured... you can make it happen! Simply take lots of photos, post them on Motortopia, message us when they're up and we'll feature your album. Oh... and don't forget to wear your official Motortopia gear to the show.

    Motortopia March Newsletter Main Image Fall Season Events
Aug. 3 - Aug. 5
Carlisle All-Truck Nationals
Carlisle, PA

Aug. 3 - Aug. 5
A MINI Weekend in the Motherlode
Auburn, CA

Aug. 4
8th Annual Fox Valley All Volkswagen Show and Swap
Appleton, WI

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20th Annual Kearney Cruise Nite

20th Annual Kearney Cruise Nite
Motortopia attended the 20th Annual Kearney Cruise Nite this past weekend. Check out hundreds of photos here!

This is a match-up between two very similar 1967 Chevy Camaros. Both of them are incredible machines, but only one can win this challenge. Vote now!
1965 Ford F250 Standard

1965 Ford F250 Standard
It's been awhile since we've featured a truck. This F250, owned by dbpbandit, has been in his family almost since it was new. And it has seen more than its fair share of work. Read all about it!
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