Sep 6, 2007    
Motortopia Community Newsletter
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Motortopia Shows Off Its True Colors

This week's upgrade introduces a splash of color. It's our way of making sure you don't overlook any of Motortopia's great features.

So, go ahead... click around!

You're sure to make new friends, discover a priceless photo, or get caught up in a good read.

More New Features include:

  • Colorized icons and links
  • Readily accessible comment boxes
  • A new and improved photo page layout
  • And "what's this" help links

    Main Image Fall Season Events
Sept. 6 - Sept. 9
Roamin Angels 8th Annual "Cruisin' the Pines" Car Show
Grass Valley, CA


Sept. 8
31st Annual Pat Reed Memorial Car Show
Belmont, MS


Sept. 9
26th Annual Havelock Car Show
Lincoln, NE


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1962 Buick Wildcat

1962 Buick Wildcat
The Wildcat was introduced in 1962 as a sub-model to the Invicta series and featured a 325 hp 401 ci V8, bucket seats, and more to differentiate it from the regular Invicta. In 1963, it became its own series. This gorgeous 1962 Wildcat is owned by member bigstrap.
32nd Annual Wilhelmina Rod Run 2007

32nd Annual Wilhelmina Rod Run 2007
Street & Performance of Mena, Arkansas, sponsored this show, and member 4SPD_SS was there. Check out over one hundred photos from the event.

Grim is a true self-professed gearhead. So much so, he had all his tools and a transmission shipped over to him while he is serving in Korea, just to have something to play with. Check out his projects and say "hi".
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