June 5, 2008    
Motortopia Community Newsletter
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It's Time to Show It Off!

Finally... your car is out of hibernation, detailed, and running like a champ. And every weekend there are car shows to attend.

We can't wait to see see and hear about the events you attend, so make sure you share all your photos, videos, and stories on Motortopia!

Also, if there are events near you that aren't on our events calendar, add them so other Motortopians will know about them.

And, even better, if you are involved in organizing an event, contact us to find out how you can offer online registration to your participants for FREE.

    Main Image Events
June 7th
3rd Annual Mustangs and Memories and Other Classics Car Show
Chester, SC


June 7th - 8th
Pontiac Southern Nationals 2008
San Antonio, TX


June 21st
WAM 23rd Annual "All MOPAR" Car Show
Wichita, KS


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1983 Porsche 944

1983 Porsche 944
This 944, known as "Rainbow Brite," is pure race car. And she had her debut races this past weekend at the Great Plains Region PCA club race. How'd she do? She won her class in both races! Check out Rainbow Brite here.
Forida Heat Wave

Florida Heat Wave
Check out the photos from a recent car show attended by db67tranny. A lot of variety at this show!

Meet McLAaronF1. He is an engineer who appreciates power AND efficiency. Both the cars in his garage follow this philosophy, which include a '99 Neon R/T and an '05 SRT-4 Stage II. He's also a big fan of Formula 1, Rally, and GT3 racing. Stop by and say "hi!"
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