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Three Rivers, Michigan
United States


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Part photo: Datsun L26
Datsun L26
Price: $250.00
I have a complete L26 ('74 260-Z) engine with everything from carbs to oil pan. The car it was pulled from was parked...
Part photo: Metro Engine
Metro Engine
Price: $250.00
Buy my 2000 Chevy Metro (Suzuki) 1.3 4-cyl. It has only 53k on it, but only the top half is good for parts (it threw ...
Part photo: Datsun "A-12" 4 cyl.
Datsun "A-12" 4 cyl.
Price: $200.00
This 4-cylinder was in a sprint car back in the 70's. I also have the 4-speed (w/clutch) that goes with it.

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