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Part photo: Porsche Batterie Litium-Ion !

Name: Porsche Batterie Litium-Ion !
Description: 911 GT3, GT3 RS or Boxster Spyder
Ten kilos and you are ten cent place who buys the new, lithium battery may save Porshéjébe, The question, that is worth his price.the device taking the normal battery setting off out to three new types, the 911 GT3-ashoz, GT3 to RS and Boxster Spyderhez it is offered. The Li ion the benefits of a cell packet unambiguous: only 6 push a kilogram, hardly more, than seven cent tall ones, and the factory one ransoms it perfectly 60 ah -s lead battery.
As only 18 ah his capacity, this anytime in full whole one's utilizable, while for the capacity of the lead batteries at worst 30%-a can be used. The construction demands nurture hardly moreover: implies it to the filling and cell equalisation necessary all electronics – right, according to Porsche only 0 and works between 32 degrees fine.
The surprise the price tag: it is necessary to pay 1904 Euros of surcharge for him if they build it in in the factory – already this more, than half a million Forints – the price of the subsequent building in though 2499 Euros, that is cca. 670 thousand HUF/ Forints.
Contact: Strosek300ZX
Type: Part Wanted
Price: $3903.00
Posted: Jan 23, 2010
Tags: any, car, 60ah, capaciti, 18ah