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Cover photo of 2005 chevy SSR ssrfanatics.com album
2005 chevy SSR ssrfanatics.com
Dec 30, 2012
Photos: 4
Trophies: 10 total
Aqua blur SSR
Cover photo of '07 F150 album
'07 F150
Nov 28, 2012
Photos: 7
Trophies: 0 total
The new daily driver.
Cover photo of 1971 Cuda Restoration- 6.1 Hemi Engine Swap w/ Kenne Bell Super Charger album
1971 Cuda Restoration- 6.1 Hemi Engine Swap w/ Kenne Bell Super Charger
Nov 27, 2012
Photos: 7
Trophies: 17 total
1971 Plymouth Cuda Restoration- 6.1 Hemi Engine Swap with a Kenne Bell Super Charger 18x8 & 18x9 Polished Show Wheel...
Cover photo of A Day at the Dyno album
A Day at the Dyno
May 21, 2012
Photos: 3
Trophies: 1 total
Original Numbers Matching WC Block. As always, this step has proven to be money well spent. Walked in the door at 2...
Cover photo of Ruby album
Mar 11, 2012
Photos: 8
Trophies: 13 total
Cover photo of 1978 T/A album
1978 T/A
Feb 20, 2012
Photos: 18
Trophies: 1 total
This car is for sale, it has 23,000 actual miles on it, I have everything but radiator for it. It needs restored to i...
Cover photo of Jeep Wrangler APEX album
Jeep Wrangler APEX
Sep 1, 2011
Photos: 12
Trophies: 0 total
2002 Jeep Wrangler X APEX edition, 4.0L Inline 6, 5 speed. Leather interior black and tan on silver Specs 4.0L, Inli...
Cover photo of Z/28 album
Aug 3, 2011
Photos: 16
Trophies: 0 total
Cover photo of Koup Mods album
Koup Mods
Jun 22, 2011
Photos: 7
Trophies: 7 total
all mods done to the koup -Custom Spectre Performance Short Ram Intake -DC Sports exhaust
Cover photo of Bandit Run 2011 - Last Day at Year One Show! album
Bandit Run 2011 - Last Day at Year One Show!
May 23, 2011
Photos: 40
Trophies: 144 total
The last day of the Bandit Run was a blast. The mrs went with me and it was perfect! The weather was a bit Aprilish...
Cover photo of 2011 Kia Forte Koup EX album
2011 Kia Forte Koup EX
Mar 27, 2011
Photos: 29
Trophies: 7 total
my new 2011 Kia Forte Koup EX 2.0L i4 6 speed manual. Exterior and interior pics
Cover photo of my dream come true album
my dream come true
Mar 7, 2011
Photos: 3
Trophies: 0 total
love my gto, dad had one when he was younger talked about it for 16 years until i had to have one so i got a job and ...
Cover photo of Getting close to completion! album
Getting close to completion!
Feb 26, 2011
Photos: 5
Trophies: 34 total
Though this has been a long process, like everyone knows, here are some update pictures and getting close to completion!
Cover photo of JAGUAR CARS album
Feb 18, 2011
Photos: 23
Trophies: 0 total
My 1979 Jaguar xj6 series 3
Cover photo of Christmas Trans Am and gifts album
Christmas Trans Am and gifts
Dec 25, 2010
Photos: 5
Trophies: 38 total
Frank made these and I think they are SWWWEETTT! Oh, and by the way, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I...
Cover photo of Look at this! album
Look at this!
Sep 25, 2010
Photos: 3
Trophies: 25 total
This is just a trial fit test. I'm getting so excited, because this means, C-Ya is on her way to getting back togeth...
Cover photo of Latest Photos Of C-Ya album
Latest Photos Of C-Ya
Sep 14, 2010
Photos: 10
Trophies: 75 total
I've been slacking in the photo department here. So here are some updated photos. Tons of rust in the rear! I can't...
Cover photo of mimopar album
Aug 24, 2010
Photos: 5
Trophies: 5 total
1970 Dodge Challenger
Cover photo of More Resto pictures album
More Resto pictures
Aug 22, 2010
Photos: 20
Trophies: 68 total
Just trying to catch everyone up on C-YA. She is coming along nicely and should be done in 3-4 weeks. Currently Fra...
Cover photo of The Resto continues album
The Resto continues
Aug 12, 2010
Photos: 10
Trophies: 23 total
I'm sorry that I haven't kept up with the "Days" on posting pictures on CYA. I don't know if it is just me or not, b...
Cover photo of Val album
Jul 20, 2010
Photos: 5
Trophies: 2 total
This is a one owner car owned by a judge in Breckenridge Colorado. I bought this one for my wife on Valentine's Day h...
Cover photo of Putting int he new/rebuilt rear end. album
Putting int he new/rebuilt rear end.
May 1, 2010
Photos: 9
Trophies: 66 total
Well, my husband Frank is hard at work putting int he rear end. We needed this one, because it has lower gears, in w...
Cover photo of Chevy G20 1994 6.5 Lazura album
Chevy G20 1994 6.5 Lazura
Jan 26, 2010
Photos: 10
Trophies: 0 total
Cover photo of Modifications to the F150 album
Modifications to the F150
Oct 8, 2009
Photos: 15
Trophies: 0 total
The past year of making mods
Cover photo of My New Maro album
My New Maro
Sep 14, 2009
Photos: 3
Trophies: 4 total
various pics
Cover photo of It Lives! album
It Lives!
Jun 2, 2009
Photos: 3
Trophies: 23 total
Getting so close I have to sit back and remind myself to take my time and do it right. Real easy to 'hurry up and git...
Cover photo of 52 Ford F4 album
52 Ford F4
May 13, 2009
Photos: 5
Trophies: 16 total
1952 Ford F4 Factory Dually 215 ci / 6 cyl 4 spd synchro
Cover photo of STANG album
Mar 28, 2009
Photos: 30
Trophies: 87 total
My Stang! taken in 2009
Cover photo of cars that i have owned part2 album
cars that i have owned part2
Jan 18, 2009
Photos: 41
Trophies: 13 total
these are cars i have owned and either still have in garage or sold. i own a auto mechinc repair shop and restoration...
Cover photo of The Start of Something Special album
The Start of Something Special
Jan 12, 2009
Photos: 11
Trophies: 11 total
The Truck: Since I've gotton it until now

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